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Destination: Jamaica

Mark and I are leaving in a few minutes for Jamaica mon. Sarah & Mike are getting married. More later, our ride awaits.

iPhone Worldwide

Mark's iPhone

In the months leading up to our trip (only two months left!), I have had a keen interest in determining the best and most useful gear for us to bring on our journey. We are both iPhone owners, and while we would love to be able to use the iPhone in all of its glory around the world, the thought of paying $3000 a month to stay connected internationally is a bit of a deterrent. On top of that, I have to say that I have no desire to have constant access to my phone or email while I travel. I do love my iPhone—but the addiction has to stop somewhere!

Because we have made the decision to track our journey through this website, we will not be able to travel completely unhooked from our technology. With that in mind, I hope to turn the gadgets we bring with us into useful tools rather than deadweight anchors. My mission: to turn the iPhone into a pocket-sized digital swiss army knife, without personally keeping Fido in business in the process.

I should warn everyone that my inner geek is about to come out. Read on at your own risk!



Some of our early plans are starting to take shape, but there are definitely gaps. We plan to wander around the UK for most of August, from the time we land on the 5th until after Jess and Tim’s wedding in Hemingford Grey near the end of the month. We then have a transition to make over to mainland Europe, before we start using the first of our rail passes in the Netherlands. We’re looking into various options for getting to the mainland, and we’re open to suggestions. Here are some of our thoughts so far:

Option #1: take the Eurostar. Definitely a high-speed option. Fares seem reasonable enough.
Option #2: take a ferry across the channel. We’ve already had one suggestion to try taking a ferry over to Holland (thanks Jacob). Seems like a nice leisurely option.
Option #3: hmmmmmmmm.


The ‘no plan’ Plan


Ok, so what are we doing when we get to Southampton? Good question. Initially Mark and I thought we’d just vagabond our way around the world. We are quickly starting to realize that might not be the best approach. There are major technicalities such as Visas, immunizations, danger-zones, etc. to mind a few. So we’ve started piecing together a rough itinerary to give us something to shoot for. It’s still ridiculously loose, but it’s a start. We’ll be starting with the ‘easier’ countries, i.e. those that speak the language and have a decent tourist infrastructure. We’re somewhat green to traveling and need to develop our skills by easing ourselves in before visiting some more ‘challenging’ parts of the globe.




Hello, and welcome to our travel blog! For about a year now, Meghan and I have been planning to take off and see the world. Our plan is threefold: to travel around the world, to travel with no return date in mind, and to do as much of our traveling as possible without flying. Our goal is to see as much of the world as possible, and by traveling over land and sea, to gain an appreciation for the vastness of the distances that separate the places we will visit. In essence, we hope that the journeys between destinations will become as much a part of the adventure as the destinations themselves. We are also hoping that traveling this way will be an escape from the hectic immediacy that air travel embodies. When flying, oceans are crossed over the duration of a feature length film. On the other hand, when traveling by ocean liner, the vastness of the ocean should be much more apparent.

The first leg of our journey is in fact across an ocean. Our trip is set to begin around the end of July 2009. On July 30th, we will be sailing out of New York City on the Queen Mary II, heading for Southampton, England, a crossing that will take seven full days. We hope to spend a few days in New York before we sail. Are we excited? You might say that. I think it’s a bit of an understatement!

We wanted to get this site up well before leaving for a couple of reasons. First of all, it will give us a chance to iron out any glitches that crop up while we still have access to laptops and wireless. More importantly, though, we wanted to start posting our plans and ideas on this blog as they take form. We hope that all of our avid readers (yes, that’s you) will help us out by offering advice, encouragement, or relatives in foreign countries whose couches we can crash on!