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We look good. Real good.

box it out

Just in case we ever form a sweet rock/pop/folk band, we thought it was prudent to have some album photos on hand. Might as well shoot them when the setting is right. You can only imagine how good the actual album would/will be with artwork like this. Hey everyone! Come and see how good we look!


Neighbours reunited

After nearly three weeks of good times, our dear friends Mike and Sarah have gone back home to Ottawa, to snow, winter, and cold. They left behind sunny beaches, clear water, and two travelers with no bridge partners.

After our visit to Cambodia and the Temples of Angkor, we headed back through Bangkok and then south towards the fabled islands of Thailand. We packed a ton of traveling into the first part of Mike and Sarah’s visit, including an overnight bus ride from Bangkok to the ferry at Chumphon. It was time to find a beach and relax. Our destination: Koh Tao, also known as Turtle Island. We were looking for blue water and white beaches, and we found them in a big way. We arrived on the island early in the morning and checked in to Freedom Beach Resort on Chalok Bay, where we rented bungalows on the hills above the beach. Then what did we do? Breakfast and bridge. It would become a theme.


We’ve finally resolved our computer power cord ordeal. This all started a couple of weeks ago with the complete destruction of our computer’s power cord, which finally broke in two after so much packing and unpacking. It was a lengthy and somewhat expensive process to get a new adapter for our six-year-old laptop. We found a shop owner in town who said he could have a new one shipped from Bangkok in two days. The only catch, he said, was that it would be pricey, because it was impossible to find fake Apple components, and it would have to be the real thing. We thought it was funny that his first instinct was that we wanted fake parts, but we assured him that we were fine with the real thing. Amazingly, two days later, it arrived. But when we opened the package, it was instantly clear that it was a knockoff, and not an Apple part at all. We tried to tell the guy we would happily keep the imitation, but that there was no way we were paying him the full amount he’d quoted for a real one. Eventually, the fake one was sent back to Bangkok, and after another 5 days of waiting, an authentic Apple power cord arrived. He said it was the only one his guy could find in Bangkok. Right. We had another laugh when we noticed that both our original and our new power adapters say “Assembled in Thailand” right on the side. At least we got one in the end. Back to blogging!

Happy B-day Mark

Great big blog birthday wishes to my partner in wanderings. The day will be spent scooting an snorkeling around Koh Tao. If our new power adapter comes in from Bangkok what a birthday it shall be.

Also happy birthday to my wonderful supportive Mother Goose who turns 60 today.

You may have noticed a brief lull in our posting. You could blame it on the fact that we are on Koh Tao, a tropical Thai paradise island with ample snorkel and relaxation opportunity. You could blame it on Mike and Sarah: we are having way too much fun and playing way too many hands of bridge (or not enough, no such thing as too much bridge). Or you could blame it on the fact that our computer power adapter has hit the fan. Ironically, it ceased charging our computer just days after purchasing a new battery. We have to pay exorbitant amounts of Baht to receive a new one here in Thailand. The new battery and power adapter monetarily equate to a new iPad. Oh how I wish we had one of those over my clunky old Powerbook. Our new power cord is supposed to arrive today. We are hoping they got it right and we’ll be back online with photos and fun in no time.

Gold medal fever

The hardest thing about following the Vancouver 2010 Olympics (besides the fact that hardly anyone here ever thinks about snow) is the 15 hour time difference. We did manage to find a bar called Choppers here on Koh Tao that was playing Olympic coverage on a Hong Kong feed of ESPN, and we successfully watched Canada beat Slovakia in men’s hockey the other day.

We were determined to watch the gold medal game as well, except that the time difference meant that Canada would face the USA at 3:15 a.m. local time. Unfortunately, our gecko-inhabited beach hut is sans-satellite TV, so we asked Choppers bar if they might consider keeping some unusual hours for the sake of us obsessive hockey fans. It seems that enough people must have asked the same thing, because sure enough, by mid-afternoon the day before, the big game was written on the chalkboard outside: “Olympic Hockey, Gold Medal Game, Live at 3:00 a.m.”


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