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Our teams didn’t fare well in the truck pool, but it was still a blast watching some of the matches. We watched the final game on a projector screen in a large, dark room filled to the brim with people in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The power kept flickering on and off, but thankfully managed to stay on for most of the game. Mark and I were rooting for the Netherlands, as were most of the people we were watching with. It just wasn’t meant to be. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride. Congratulations to Spain, and to South Africa for being such a great host! How cool to have been in Africa for this World Cup.

Day 3: Northern Kenya

We’re back in civilization, in Addis Ababa, after going off radar for a week, traveling up through Northern Kenya and Southern Ethiopia. Yes we were ragged and filthy, but it was phenomenal. Over the course of seven days, on one long, straight road, we passed through the lush foothills of Mt. Kenya, along escarpments looking out over the Great Rift Valley and crossed the equator. We crossed dry savanah and volcanic desert. In Ethiopia we climbed up and down through coffee-growing highlands scattered with beautiful grass huts and villages to taunts of children shouting “you you you!”


Namibia campsite

We like to camp. We’ll gladly go into the backcountry for a week at a time, cook over an open flame and sleep on our inflatable sleeping mats. By the end, a soft mattress and hot shower is always in order. We have been on the trans-African Oasis truck for 73 days now and have slept on a soft(ish) mattress just seven times – thankfully we’ve showered a few more times than that! The other 66 sleeps have been on our inflatable sleeping mats in a heavy duty canvas tent. This is by far the longest stretch of camping we have ever done. It is also what is making this journey so memorable, not to mention affordable.


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