cabbage patch kids

Our boat stopped in Akureyri, Iceland, for just one day. Plenty of time to walk through town, but nowhere near enough time to get out and see the countryside. Cruising is the fastfood of travel, but sometimes fastfood is all you can afford. It still beats flying over it and missing it altogether. I have wanted to visit Iceland for a long time, ever since I heard Damon Albarn gush about it in an interview back in my BritPop days. It had mystical allure to me as a volatile land of volcanoes, elves and beautiful people. I was so excited to find myself in Iceland with this cruiseship, even if it would just be a little teaser.

icelandic horse

Akureyri is a tiny town on the North-west coast, tucked away down a narrow fjord inlet, surrounded by black, volcanic, snow-covered mountains and green, grassy foothills. The town itself was immensely quaint with all the modcons of a European metropolis. It didn’t take very long for us to explore the town itself. Setting off down the main street, before we knew it, we had walked outside of town, through some woods and into a pasture of Icelandic horses. En route we discovered an ancient viking sword. We stopped for a photoshoot. We also passed through the Akureyri botanical gardens, Iceland’s first national park. Iceland is not all rocks, ice and snow. It’s quite green, even with months of winter darkness. Although there aren’t many trees, a large variety of ground cover and shrubbery can be found throughout, which was on display at the botanical gardens, half-withered by the oncoming winter frosts. The cabbage patch kids were still looking good.

surrender you bearded viking scum!

oh no!

We stopped off for a coffee along the way back into town and met a traveler from New Zealand at the coffee shop. He had been hitchhiking and camping around Iceland for the past few weeks. He was debating whether or not to stay for the winter — to experience day and night darkness. Oh how I envied him. Although I’d prefer it if I had a nice warm wooden cottage with a toasty wooden stove, a supply of good books and the internet, rather than just a tent. I have a hard time imagining a sight as beautiful as the first sunrise after a long, dark winter.

scenic akureyri

Yep: it’s somewhere we’ll have to come back to again some day. I’m certain that we’ve said that about nearly everywhere we’ve been haven’t we? The world is not getting any smaller for us.


  1. Joe & Josie Rosen

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Mark and Meghan
    Welcom back to Canada So happy that you are
    both home safe.
    GREAT Writing on your travels. We enjoyed
    reading every entry.and lovly pictures too.
    Happy birthday to Meghan on the Oct.13th who shares a birthday with Scott. born on Thanksgiving day a few years ago great pictures of those Cabbage patch
    kids see you in Canmore Friday
    Love J&J

    Thanks Grandma and Grandpa, and Happy Thanksgiving to you too. Can’t wait to see you soon!

    Thanks for the b-day wishes :)

    Best picture ever!!! You two make rather unique cabbage patch kids, and the sword shots aren’t bad either. Hope the wedding is beautiful today. Have fun!

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