Almost home

asleep at the airport

Looks as though our travels aren’t done with us yet. We are stuck at the Edmonton airport for the night. We were booked to fly standby on the red-eye back to Ottawa via Toronto. (My lil’ sister Lindsay works for Canadian airline Westjet and gave us discounted passes which require you fly standby). However, upon arriving at the airport and checking in, we were informed that the flight was fully booked. That is why we will be spending the night at the airport and why I am finally finding some time to write again. Hopefully, if all goes to plan, we’ll be on a plane at 6:30 tomorrow morning making our way back to Ottawa where we will be home, at last.

We’ve been in Alberta for just over a month now. Lots has happened to us out ‘west’. It started out with my 30th birthday. Bring it on. We went out to see Mark’s mom, Debbie, perform her last show of ‘Oh Canada Eh!’. ‘Oh Canada Eh!’ is a musical dinner theatre spectacular in Canmore, where she is the musical director and plays piano. We drank caesars and pints of crisp canadian beer whilst listening to mounties and lumberjacks belting out classic canadian tunes. Then it was Mel and Ryan’s beautiful mountain wedding. While they were away on their honeymoon, we house-sat and puppy-sat their 6-month Bernese mountain dog and got a chance to visit and catch up with Canmore friends. We helped move Debbie out of her Canmore home to her family home, an amazing log cabin on Lac St. Anne, 5 hours north of Canmore. There was a glitzy going away party for her in Canmore, with half the town there to see her off. Back in Canmore, my sis Lindsay came to visit. We took her to Lake Louise for some hiking followed by a soak in the Banff hotsprings. After seeing Lindsay off, our friends Mike and Sarah, from Ottawa, came for a visit. Our last adventure was Edmonton. We came to visit Mark’s father and grandparents. We also got to visit with some of his cousins and all their little kiddies. We’ve been in Edmonton the last four days or so, and is where we are currently stuck waiting, on standby.

Even though we’ve been back in Canada for a while now, it’s felt like we’ve been on standby the entire time. We’re both looking forward to getting back to our home, er…my parents home, and settling in one place for a while. I could use a little routine. Can’t believe I just said that, but it’s true. Home can’t come soon enough.

We will be posting all sorts of photos soon, including some from out ‘west’.

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