Babes in Berlin


While the boys were surfing, the girls had a laid-back civilized time in Berlin. Confession #2: We probably weren’t all that civilized.

Friday night we went over to one of Jessie’s (bride-to-be/sister) hen’s houses in London for a party with some other gals who couldn’t join us in Berlin. Usual bachelorette shenanigans proceeded, including a very telling questionnaire. Reverse Cowboy? Huh? We didn’t sleep at all really because we needed to get to the train station super early in order to make it to the airport on time for our flight to Berlin. It’s truly amazing that we all actually made it to Berlin in one piece and made it through customs with residual alcohol in our systems.

We all headed over to a great little apartment in Prenzlauer Berg, a very trendy neighbourhood in the north east of the city, for a solid nap. The apartment belonged to a friend of Charlotte’s who is another one of Jessica’s bridesmaids. Charlotte lived there for 6 months while working on costumes for Valkyrie which was great because she knew a lot of cool places to take us in town and introduced us to her friend/tour guide Dodo who took care of us over the weekend.

After our naps we then, in a daze, made our way to Tiergarten for a picnic. Tiergarten is a massive park in the centre of the city. After some delicious nosh we it was time to drink some more. So we headed to a bar called Yaam which is on the river/canal banks. Very cool place with piles of sand, bonfires, bars, and chilled out people. After that we rushed back to the apartment where 7 girls got ready for a night out in a record 20 minutes. Made it out to the restaurant which was a beautiful old building tucked away in a massive courtyard. The restaurant turned into a nightclub complex afterwards with little rooms and big rooms around every corner throughout the building, each with their own DJ.

berlin graffitti

The following day we visited a local flea market. There were people swarming everywhere. The karaoke pavilion at the market was a crowd favourite. Hundreds of people were gathered around in this outdoor amphitheatre to watch people belt out cheesy top 40 hits such as ‘I will always love you’ and ‘dust in the wind’ with funny German accents. Jess was going to go up and sing ‘total eclipse of the heart’ but was way down on the list and so we had to leave before it was her turn. It would have been hilarious. The performances were being taped in HD and were made available on youtube. The highlight was definitely the beatboxers. One guy we saw was insanely amazing, sounded as though there were 10 of him all at once. Some of the gals then headed back to London while the sisters (including Tim’s sister) stayed behind to hang out in Berlin some more. Next day we rented and rode bikes around the city. Regrettably, we did not get to see Hussein Bolt set the new 100m record. All good things must come to and end (although more good things are to come). It became time to leave and you can follow my ordeal getting home in my previous post.


Overall impressions of Berlin:
– Loved it.
– The city is full of young people. Very few old people (50+, sorry mom and dad) were spotted.
– It is a layered city. Beneath the surface or around the corner there is always more to see.
– Every surface is covered in graffiti.
– German people were incredibly friendly and nice.
– There is a definite seedy side to this liberal city.
– Amazing lighting.

If you care to see some photos, I’ve posted an album on our photos page. I had to pry the SLR out of Mark’s hands so these are all mine! Some of the other girls got some great shots too which I hope to get ahold of and append to this one. Hope to visit Berlin again with Mark further down the road.

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