Bulbous boulders at Spitzkoppe

Sunrise at Spitzkoppe

After visitng the mega-opolis of smelly seals at Cape Cross, we headed to Spitzkoppe to set up camp for the night. Neither Andi nor Grant, who have been leading these trips now for 10 years, had been before, so no one really knew what to expect. What is it? It’s an area containing spectacular sedimentary sandstone rock formations protruding out of nothing. We were impressed.

This place had me pinching myself; I couldn’t believe such a cool place existed. The rocks were unlike anything else I’ve seen. They were bulbous, undulating and smooth with small caves and secret passages weaving throughout. It made for some tricky navigating up their steep slopes. A few of us hiked up as far as we could go for some magnificent desert views that seemingly went on forever. To celebrate our climb, we took some fancy jumping shots.

Shadow puppets

Spitzkoppe made for a truly jaw dropping and memorable camp setting. Our nights at camp have been the highlight for me so far, especially in bush camps where there is not a soul to be seen outside of our truck. The stars are unreal and very different from the Northern hemisphere. Did you know that the moon is more like a smile or a rainbow in the Southern hemisphere? (Rather than a ‘C’ and a ‘D’ as in the North?) I only just realized this.

Before ending, I would like to say a few words on Namibia. Namibia is a freaking amazing country. I had no idea there could be so much variation in desert landscapes. We’ve seen canyons, red dunes, white dunes, rocky hills, dry bush and crashing ocean. After all these arid sandy landscapes I thought I might get tired of sand, but there’s no way. The country is also very sparsely populated (1.8 million) which furthers the vast aridness of the landscape and makes you feel like you’ve got the place to yourself. Wow, and we still have so much to see.


  1. Debbie Rosen

  2. What an absolutely delightful thing this is for me to wake up this morning to FOUR incredible postings from you two nomads! I can’t wait for you to put all of your latest photos in your gallery!! I think you can make some money off of these – they are truly works of art. LOVED the jumping pic and the giraffe in the truck was really over the top!!!

    Looking forward to the video of the sand boarding!

    This is what the phrase “living vicariously through your children” really is all about!! LOVE AND HUGS,MOM

  3. Bruce the Moose

  4. Great jump shot!

    You could just have easily told me you discovered some great neolithic paintings on the stones! There is something very tribal about the shot.

    Bruce the Moose

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