Finding family in Nairobi

Lori and Mark

We arrived in Nairobi, Kenya, on June 16th, 54 days after leaving Cape Town on the Oasis Overland truck. Nairobi is the approximate halfway point of our journey through Africa, and we had a few days’ break in the city to do as we pleased. Fortunately for us, we were able to get in touch with my dad’s cousin Lori, who was just finishing several months of work in Nairobi. I’d never met Lori before, at least not since I was old enough to remember, and I was very excited to make a family connection so far from home.

When we pulled into our campsite just outside of the city, I phoned Lori up to let her know we’d arrived. We almost missed each other — she was originally set to leave town several days earlier, but her stay was extended just long enough to overlap with ours. She immediately proved to be a most wonderful hostess. She sent a taxi to pick us up and drive us to her place, where we were treated to hot showers, clean sheets, a real mattress, and free (and much needed) laundry service. I had a great time talking with Lori and figuring out our familial connections, and then telling stories from both sides. We even went out for some fantastic Ethiopian food, and we enjoyed it so much that Meg and I ended up going to the same place again the following day!

babies at Sheldrick elephant orphanage

Lori had to leave after two nights, but she made arrangements for a car and driver to take us on a tour of the city the following day. We visited the Sheldrick elephant orphanage and a giraffe conservation centre, as well as a hand-made bead factory. It was a great tour, and our driver Daniel was fantastic as a guide. And there are perhaps few things out there as cute as baby elephants!

After our brief stay, we returned to the truck feeling clean and well rested. Thanks for everything Lori — it was so great to meet you, and we both look forward to seeing you again back in Canada one day.

even elephants like soccer

rothschild giraffe


    I love these photos. There is nothing cuter than a baby elephant and to see so many together must have been awesome. It sounds like you got royally spoiled by cousin Lori, which must have been a real treat. Keep on truckin and safe travels. xox

  1. Bruce the Moose

  2. Great pit stop.

    Pop quiz:
    So I am thinking back to my youth watching Tarzan on TV. I remember a few phrases like:
    Jambo bwana and nzuru or something like that. I think that bwana was form of address like mister.

    Anyway I am curious if you have heard similar phrases. And where? Or were they just made up for TV?


    Love the picture of the elephant and the soccer ball. I bet with all the World Cup Fever the media would love a picture like that!!!!

    The whole continent much be cheering “Go Ghana Go!” right about now!
    Incredible photos you two, as usual. Hoping that the rest of your African adventure is equally colourful and magnificant!

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