Gorge-ous Ronda

View from Ronda

We’ve spent the last week near Marbella, Spain, which is on the Costa del Sol. We are staying in an apartment resort which was booked for us as a birthday gift to Meghan by her parents. It’s been like a vacation from our travels, and a great chance for us to recharge and take care of some much-needed planning that we’ve been putting off. But even though we have spent most of the week sleeping in and cooking our own meals, we couldn’t resist the urge to take a day trip to Ronda.

We drove from the coast up into the heart of the mountains in only an hour and a half, and were treated to some great panoramic views from the windy road as we climbed. It’s really hard to take a drive to a town called Ronda without singing “help me Ronda, help, help me Ronda” the whole way up. We did this. I don’t even like that song. Meg does.


The real treat was on arrival. Ronda is a city that takes your breath away simply because of where it is built. The city is perched on either side of a sheer 100m river gorge, and connected by one of the most visually stunning bridges I’ve yet seen. The gorge itself is beautiful, as are the views from the top of it out to the surrounding countryside. But the way the buildings of Ronda hang on the edge of the gorge is hard to believe. We only spent half a day there, and spent most of that time simply wandering around looking for new vantage points. The images won’t soon leave my memory.

There’s not much more to say about our time in Ronda, really. We did hike part way down the gorge to get some new views of the Puenta Nuevo (that’s the name of the bridge), and we found some interesting ruins on the way down. Aside from that, it was all about views, views, views. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.




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