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After nearly two weeks of working in Sungai Geringging, the time has come for us to carry on with our travels. As I wrote before, it was an incredibly inspiring two weeks for both of us. The work that HODR is doing is fantastic, and we are especially appreciative of their approach to volunteer work. Unlike so many other organizations, HODR doesn’t ask for money when you volunteer. Although this creates some operational difficulties, it makes the organization much more accessible to people who might otherwise not get involved. Being on a tight budget as we travel, it’s quite likely that we wouldn’t have shown up at all had it cost us anything. I believe it’s a wonderful approach to take, and I hope that they are able to continue on this way indefinitely. It is a wonderful cornerstone to the approach HODR takes to volunteering.

Now it’s time for a little pitch on HODR’s behalf. I mentioned in my previous post that one of the tasks being undertaken in Sungai Geringging is the construction of transitional shelters for families in need. These shelters are designed to house the family during the rebuilding phase, which may last a long time in some cases. The shelters offer some measure of safety and protection, but they also provide dignity in a way that a tent or other temporary shelter cannot. The families receiving the t-shelters are required to contribute the foundation and the doors and windows, while HODR provides the rest of the structure. Each structure costs only $1000 US dollars for all of the materials and labour costs. Think about that. $1000 gives a family a new home. I think that’s pretty incredible. Meg and I thought that the least we could do is pass on the word to all of you, our faithful readers, in the hopes that we might be able to raise enough money to build one t-shelter. If you think you can help, you can visit to contribute directly HODR for this endeavor. Any amount at all helps. Thanks everyone — we really feel that this is a cause worthy of the donation.

Let's build shelters!!


  1. Mother Goose

  2. Awesome bunch of folks those HODR volunteers. Very well done M&M – you ROCK!

    Hey guys! I will be following along on your travels and curious to see how you will end up getting down to South Africa. Good luck the rest of the way! You’re missed here at HODR.


    I wish I could be there right now. Doing something for people that have less than I. Without this stupid insane school loan I think I’d be out there a bit more.


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