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Yesterday was our first full day in New York City, and also our first full day on the road with no trains or buses to catch. We’ve arrived in New York in 30 degree weather, with thick humidity and regular thunder storms. On our way to dinner the night we arrived, we were treated to a storm (complete with blinding lightning and huge thunder cracks) that rivaled the storm we experienced on our Algonquin Park canoe trip recently. So far, it appears that our rain jackets are the best thing we brought with us.

Yesterday was spent lazily walking through Central Park, with afternoon visits to the MoMA and, of course, the iconic Apple store. The MoMA was fantastic, and it gave us a taste of how overwhelmingly large the museums here can be. We’ve decided that one museum per day is the most we can handle. Today we may check out the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum.


Our hostel is nicely located on west 83rd street, only a couple of blocks from Central Park. But fancy it is not. Thin, grooved mattresses and a lack of air conditioning are foreshadowed on arrival by the incredible paint scheme. I don’t know about you, but nothing soothes my mind quite like this colour of green:

sky hostel

Anyways, the one perk of the hostel is that it has free wireless. So aside from sleeping, the only time we spend in our room is for the occasional photo download or blog post. It is making us look forward to our luxury accommodations onboard the Queen Mary II that much more!


    I hope it will be sunny over the ocean :)

    I see it’s only Mark writting. Meghan, what are you doing?? I bet she’s sleeping all the time.

    Have fun!!

    haha I know! I need to take a few days off first before looking at a computer. I’ll get on it very soon. He’s so good at pulling up my slack. Isn’t our hostel gross??! Ew, what were we thinking? We decided to dive right in with a shared room also…what were we thinking?!

    Hey Guys!!! Well, you wouldnt have the NY experiance without the humidity thats for sure!! Amazing pic though…Mark, you almost look taller than the buildings…

    Anyway…Meg, I didnt get to hug you before you left because i thought we would do hot yoga before…haha so sending a large hug from me… :O)

    Take Care of eachother and your green walls…I look forward to pics of the Queen.


    Have an awesome time. Looking to reading about your adventures! Be safe. We will be thinking of you guys!

    Ha ha,
    Hey, Meg, are you sharing the room with other travelers, too, or are you just counting the rats…?
    Anyway, it may seem substandard for North America, but where you’re headed, I’m sure this is going to feel like a resort, in retrospect. The only things is, that “drippy” pattern on the door; I can’t help but think of those Dateline and 60 Minutes investigative reports, when they go to different hotel/motel rooms with a black light…
    Anyway, you’ve got one more night to spend in there, so sleep tight!!!

    Gah! Room 206 looks so ominous (helped greatly by the glowing green paint job). Not to worry, with Central Park right outside your doorstep, you can grab a sleeping bag and take a wonderfully relaxing siesta in the park. I highly recommend this! When you wake up, you can stroll over to the Gugenheim. What a perfect NY day!

    I hope you guys are having an amazing time and thanks for posting an update. I think I can speak for many of us when I say that we’re all spying on you often (in the most non-creepy way, I swear).


  1. Janet Balfour

  2. Hello happy wanderer! I received your card today and was thrilled to hear that you have decided to explore this amazing planet of ours. I wish you many exciting adventures (some of them you may look back upon and could have done without!), but the good experiences will always out weigh any bad ones. You have joined a select group of “adventurers”. I’m glad you have someone to travel with to share the experience as many pople can not understand the impact it will have on your life. Coming “home” will the the biggest culture shock. I’ll keep checking in to see where you are. We’re taking a trip to Africa in December (Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar). Counting down the months! Congratulations on taking the leap of faith in yourselves.

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