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Well, it’s finally begun. We are posting tonight from Montreal, the first stop on our journey. Our lives have been packed up into boxes, bins and two backpacks. The packs are with us, and as you can see from the picture above, the boxes and bins are tucked away in storage. We took a bus to Montreal, and as of right now, our Amtrak train to New York is still running tomorrow. We actually purchased bus tickets to New York as well, just in case. If the train goes, we’ll get refunds on the bus tickets, but we thought it prudent to have a backup plan.

It’s hard to believe that we are actually starting this adventure. We’ve been anticipating it for so long — it’s hard to know how we will adjust to it being our new day-to-day. We’ve now started to update our breadcrumb with our trip details. Check it out!


  1. Debbie Rosen

  2. Lots of love and safe travels!
    Love, Mom

  3. Tim and Laura

  4. Megan and Mark,

    By now you’re probably off and running down to New York… very exciting! Here are some spots I frequented… a lot. Check em out.

    Cheap Eats:

    Mamouns (Falafel Hut) West 4th and Macdougal (West Village) 2.50 falafel… can’t beat it!

    The Tuck Shop (Ausie Pie Shop) 1st and 1st (East Village) directly across from the park… one of my favs

    Cafe Habana (Soho) Spring (or Prince) and Elizabeth, 2.00 cuban corns… delish!

    Katz Deli (Lower east side off houston) for a true New York Experience!

    Not so Cheap Eats:

    The Inn (Meat Packing District) Canadian themed Eatery, moderately posh… good putine!

    The Pig (Meat Packing District) down the street on Greenwich from the Inn. Very cool watering hole!

    Socialista (Jane and the West side highway) Night spot, Cuban feel/upitty watering hole

    Anywhere in Harlem for some good ol soul food!

    For Fun:

    Central Park! If you enter from the west side on 72nd you will find John Lennon memorial across from the Dakota where he was shot… Beautiful building!

    Turn right and head south and that will eventually lead you to 59th (or the bottom of the park) on the west side is Columbus circle where you will find the Design Museam! Great area, lots to see and do. Alternatively if you hit the east sie, it is very posh and you will find a lot of shopping along 5th ave. On top of the park (110) is the bottem end of Harlem
    Moma! A must see if you are into contemporary art! its around midtown in the 50’s

    Lower east side… Bowery poetry club, the old CeBeGeBe’s, no longer around but if you’re into punk lore it’s the mecca!

    Gotta walk the Brooklyn Bridge! preferably at night VERY ROMANTIC/captivating! You will see the statue of Liberty from there as well.

    I could certainly go on, but you’ve got the idea. Have a Ball and let us know how you make out!

    All the very best! Tim and Laura

  5. Friendly Blog Surfer

  6. Love nukes fear. So when you’re terrified, listen to your heartbeat (it conveniently speeds up when you’re scared, making it easier to hear). Your heart knows love is the strongest force in the universe. Your head knows dick all. Have faith! “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.” This also goes for total strangers in places where only you and your Maker are there to confirm you exist. Happy travels!

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