Paris part deux

Back in beautiful Paris

After a very uncomfortable 11-hour train ride from Munich, we alighted in Paris with 8 hours to kill before our Eurostar train left for London. After checking our journals, we realised that we’d actually been in Paris one year earlier, hanging out with our friends Carl and Brigitte and still breaking ourselves in to our travels. It was surreal to be back in a city we recognized, and it began to inspire a feeling of nostalgia as we reflected that so much of our journey was already behind us. We revisted a couple of our favourite spots, including a park near Les Halles, and Notre Dame Cathedral. It was fun to point down streets and say “hey, remember that from last year?” or “remember how you almost broke your shin that time?”

Street entertainers

Paris was just as beautiful and seductive as we remembered it. We had a picnic of baguette, cheese and wine in the park, and we glimpsed the tip of the Eiffel Tower above the city’s skyline. The weather even treated us to beautiful sunshine all day. It was a relaxing way to recover from all the fun we had the day before at Oktoberfest, and all the traveling we’d been cramming in to the past week. Just the day before we’d been in Munich, and Salzburg the day before that, and Vienna, Budapest, Sofia, and Istanbul in the few days before that. What a whirlwind. One train left to go before we could put our feet up in London with Jess and Tim — can’t wait.

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