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sunny salzburg

After dousing ourselves in Viennese culture we took a wee jaunt over to Salzburg for another look at Austria. Upon arriving, I quickly discovered that Salzburg was home to the Von Trappe family. Sound of Music tours have become very popular, where you visit various filming locations. Mark was really excited about the tour. But with only a day in town I felt like doing something else. We agreed to go our own ways for the day. Mark was free to galavant on the Sound of Music tour, while I explored Salzburg solo.


Compared to Vienna, Salzburg is tiny. It’s tucked away in a valley cut by a rushing mountain river. It has become one of my favourite European cities. It’s just so quaint. The natural setting combined with the old stone buildings is what makes it so. It’s like whiskers on kittens. I spent my day relishing the sun and fresh air by strolling the narrow cobble-stoned streets and tree-lined pathways.

quaintness as seen from the impenetrable fortress

I took a funicular up to castle for some fantastic views of the valley in all directions. It was a mighty, impenetrable fortress. Built 1072 and reinforced by many bishops over the centuries, it was never conquered, only surrendered to Napoleon in the 17th century. It’s one of the most visited sights in all of Austria with something like 850,000 visitors a year (fyi: that’s twice the number Petra receives!) I later fell asleep on a park bench to peace and quiet. How nice it was to be in a city with peace and quiet. Most traffic was diverted to the outskirts of the city; the only noises I heard were birds tweeting, bicycles zipping past, and people walking past speaking very cheerful-sounding Austrian.

marionettes in the marionette museum

I really enjoyed my solo Salzburg day, but by the end of it, I was anxious to see Mark again and learn what mischief he got up to*. Then it was so long, farewell…adieu to Austria.

Mark is happy to see me

* This is a disclaimer. Mark was not actually excited about the Sound of Music. He doesn’t even like the movie. Haha.


    The disclaimer must be wrong, I don’t know why it was included in your blog entry Meghan. After you left on your BIG adventure I found Mark’s lederhosen in our front closet and his Sound of Music DVD in the player.

  1. Dallas Husar

  2. The whole time I kept thinking, how did I not know that about Mark? I can’t believe we lived next door to each other for that long and I never knew? I even felt bad for excluding him in all the times my Gramma Husar had us watch it…..


  3. Debbie Rosen

  4. Ha ha ha ha ha! Laughed right out loud.

    Lol. Good one mom.

    Maybe we can get together and watch SOM with you when we get to Canmore Dallas? Force him to sit through it until he learns to love it.

  5. Dallas Husar

  6. Sounds good! I will ask gramma for her copy! Maybe we can make couch pillow forts too?! Then again maybe that’s a little too regressive?

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