Santorini Sunsets


We recently spent four nights in Santorini, a beautiful volcanic island with white washed houses and dramatic rocky scenery. Many travelers (including Mark’s sister) have talked up this little island, so expectations were high. We had a bit of a fiasco getting there after waking up at the crack of dawn (actually I think it was earlier than dawn because it was still pitch black out) to make our way from Athens to the port of Piraeus only to miss our 7:20 ferry. It was a bummer. We had 10 hours to kill until the next ferry left, which wasn’t all that bad since we met some new friends to keep us company. We met them at our hostel in Athens and ended hanging out with them quite a bit in Santorini as well. Especially nice meeting you Patrick from Tasmania and Mark the salmon fisherman from Alaska.


The island is uniquely stunning. It’s a caldera island, i.e. formed by a sunken volcano crater, which has created these massive cliffs all lined with blindingly white and blue vaulted buildings. Aside from the buildings and vineyards which line the slopes, the island is pretty stark from years of volcanic activity: the most recent eruption was in the 1950s. The volcanic rock is the islands’ most incredible feature. In some parts of the island it’s billowy pumice stone, others it’s rusty red or black volcanic pumice and basalt. It all seems precariously loose and I found myself constantly envisioning cliffs sliding off into the water. You could frequently hear sounds of little stones falling off the cliffs. The people of Santorini are seriously living on the edge…when they’re there. Santorini is a ghost town this time of year which made it a lot more enjoyable for us.


We spent the 4 days we had there exploring by foot and by quad. The most efficient way around the island is by scooter, but they won’t rent those to the tourists for safety concerns and so they rent us 4-wheelers instead. We ate delicious gyros and watched the sunset every night, usually accompanied by any number of stray dogs or cats. It really feels like we’re slowing things down when we watch a sunset. We calculated that our last night there was my 10,635th sunset on planet Earth, which makes me sounds really old. The pace of life is also much slower on an island like Santorini. Traveling to new places every few days also makes time pass more slowly. It would have been cool if all these slow factors combined to actually reverse time, so we could spend more of it on the island.


    My dear Canadian friends,

    I have asked many questions pertaining to logistics and epistemology such as “What is wisdom?” or “What is beauty?”…But the question that so greatly troubles my great mind is “If Greek salad in Greece is horiatiki, does Canada have a Canadian Salad and if so what is it called there”?

    Thanks for posting your photo of Greek Salad in Greece. I will stop for lunch after forming more young nubile minds!

    May I say amazing?!? I saw your ttewtir post on becoming engaged but to also now read about the MARRIAGE if it weren’t 4a.m., I’d let Will know! Please let us know about 10/10! If we can make it for Songs to Sail By, we can certainly work on getting there for this momentous occasion!

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