Taste of Malaysia

Penang temple

Our 24 day cruise from Athens to Singapore is behind us now, and we are adjusting to life in hostels again. We had a wonderful time on the cruise, as I’m sure many of you gathered from our video. We relaxed, recovered, suntanned, swam, read, slept in, ate well, and met some really great people. We’d like to say a special hello to some of the crew and cruisers that made our time on board so enjoyable: Allison & Valentin, Ngawhira, Louise, Mia & Gustaf, Costa, Jonas, Michelle, Jerry & Marla, Jean & George, Lucy & Michel, Ed & Eleanor — we hope our paths cross again soon, and that your future travels are enriching and exciting.

Mark in Penang

The last leg of our cruise stopped briefly in Penang and Port Kelang in Malaysia before finally arriving in Singapore. In Penang, we took a taxi with our new (young) friends Mia and Gustaf and explored a couple of the nearby temples. We were only in port for about 5 hours, so to say we missed a lot is an understatement for certain. The temples we did see were beautiful, and gave us a taste if what we have to look forward to as we explore this part of the world further.

Batu caves

It was a short overnight journey from Penang to Port Kelang, where we set out with Mia and Gustaf again to visit the nearby city of Kuala Lumpur. It was about an hour’s commute into the city from the port, so once again our exploration was abbreviated. Instead of heading straight for the twin Petronas towers like everyone else on board, we went to visit the Batu Caves just north of the city centre. They are naturally occurring caves in the cliffs that house Hindu temples and shrines. There are 272 stairs up to the entrance of the caves, but the climb is well worth it. I have to say that the shrines and temples actually looked quite small and insignificant compared to the soaring caves that rise above them. We actually found ourselves wondering how beautiful the caves must have been in their natural state. We also got to see our first monkeys on the way down! They are cute, creepy little things, and they seem to fall somewhere between adorable, incredible, and freaky.


We didn’t see much else in Kuala Lumpur, but we really enjoyed our day there anyways. On to Singapore!

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