Another brick in
the wall

Most days I am part of a salvage team. This means we spend most of our time chinking bricks or river rock from mortar. Sometimes we push down walls. We are always surrounded by hoards of adorable children who should probably be in school. They gather around and stare at the ‘boulays’. Today we had a bit of fun with them.


  1. Mother Goose

  2. So cute, such fun. Enjoy enjoy enjoy – I certainly do!

  3. Debbie Rosen

  4. This is such a fantastic thing you’re doing!! I love it too!
    Much love, Mom

    Courage, strength, and empathy – you two are wonderful treasures.

    Hehe. How fun!

    Too funny! You guys are doing a wonderful thing!

    I have been sharing your site with various people over the past bit. I think your following may be increasing! You guys have the best pictures and stories!

    Haha, sweet! Pass the news we like followers. We’ll try to keep things exciting.

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