Another chance at surfing

Wetsuits look good on everybody

It was our third gloriously sunny day in Basque country today, and after two days of watching other people do it, it was our turn to tackle the surf. We rented one surfboard between us, and set up camp on the very busy main beach. The beach was especially packed because it was Sunday, and on top of that, the whole town was having a giant artisan market/sidewalk sale. Nothing like a crowd to motivate you, right?

Meg braved three waves, and while she didn’t quite work up to standing on the board quite yet, I’m proud to report that she successfully caught all three waves and body-surfed them right into the beach. Content with her success, she retired to bask in the sun, and it was my turn to give the waves a shot.

I was feeling quite confident after the success I’d had in my previous surfing outing in Polzeath. There were, however, two important differences this time. First, the waves were a little bigger, and they broke closer to shore. Second, the board we rented was a fiberglass board. I’d only ever surfed on the foam beginner boards prior to this, and I quickly discovered the differences between the two. This board was much lighter (good), but much less stable (bad) and much more slippery in your hands (bad). Several times, I would paddle hard, catch the wave, and grab my board to push myself into a standing position, only to have my hands slip off of the sides of the board. This was usually followed by me wiping out in glorious fashion and being tossed around by the waves.


It wasn’t all bad though. I did manage to stand and ride a few waves, though not with the consistency I did in Polzeath. Chalk it up to a learning experience. The rides I did have were a blast. Can’t wait to try it again in whatever surfing destination we visit next.


    sweeetnesss! Best sport ever, other than hockey!

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