Fire! Fire! Fire!

A few nights ago, after a very long day on the road, we pulled off in to the bush to set up camp. It was already after sunset, and darkness was fast setting in. Everyone scrambled to set up their tents as quickly as possible, and cook group went to work on dinner. Meg and Steph headed off a ways to do some yoga, and the rest of us started to unwind a little. Just as we were finally starting to relax, we heard Meg’s voice faintly yelling from a distance: “Fire! Fire! Fire!” At first we had no idea what she was on about, but a few of us walked around the truck to where her voice was coming from. We saw Steph and Meg coming back through the bush towards us, and an orange glow quickly brightening in the distance, about 100 metres from the truck. There was a fire in the bush! Andi and Grant went to check it out more closely, and I climbed on the roof of the truck to try and assess the size. The flames spanned a stretch of about 20 metres or more, and it seemed to be moving quite quickly. The area in which we were set up was completely overgrown with tall, dry grass, and the wind was blowing hard. Luckily for us, the wind was taking the fire to the left of us, but we’d already noticed a couple of shifts in the wind earlier that evening. We decided that we needed to evacuate, and quickly: even though the fire wasn’t coming directly towards us, it was making its way across our exit path, and would soon cut us off from the road. Tents came down lightning quick, and food was carried still in the pots into the back of the truck. We all piled in, and made it safely out to the road. The fire glowed in the distance behind us as we drove on, looking for a new site for the night. It was a surprising bit of excitement, and I think we were all lucky that Meg and Steph spotted it early from their yoga location. I guess yoga club saves lives!


  1. Mother Goose

  2. So scarey! I’m happy everything turned out to be alright. Thank goodness for yoga. Love xxxx Mama

  3. John Candy

  4. Lesson learned: Hot Yoga in the dry bush not a good idea. Glad everyone was none the worse from the excitement. Hope dinner was saved…

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