Goodbye Europe

This afternoon we board our cruise ship, final destination: Singapore. We’ll be in Egypt in two days! Hard to believe. We’re really excited about having a room to settle into for the next 24 days, even though many other aspects of the cruise are making us feel a little unsettled at times. More to come on that soon; for now, we just can’t wait to board and set sail!

This brings an end to our European leg of the journey — at least for now. We’re looking forward to all of the new and exotic experiences that await us elsewhere.


    Bon Voyage Meggie and Mark – Have a great cruise. Don’t let any of the Somalian pirates get your booties. Hugs and kisses xxxxoxoxooxox

    Hey guys,

    Pictures from Greece look great – a lot like our own!!! It’s too bad we missed each other by such a (relatively) small time period.
    Back here, things are slowly getting back to normal. I admit we haven’t had a chance to follow your blog as closely as we would have liked, but that’ll probably change now :)
    Best of luck and lots of fun in this next chapter!

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