Happy Canada Day

Proud to be Canadian

We went down to Parliament Hill to celebrate Canada’s 142nd birthday. What a crowd! It was really great to be surrounded by all of that Canadian pride and patriotism as we count down towards our departure. We will be proud to be Canadian as we travel other countries, and we will loyally sew the maple leaf to our packs. We love this country. Damn it, we’ll miss it too.

Oh yeah – the fireworks were pretty good too.

Oooooh, aaaaaaaaah


  1. rob defayette

  2. hope the garage sale was a big success… now i understand the tarp over the driveway…..:) really looking forward to following your adventure

    best wishes to meg & mark !!!

    Great pics guys! You must be getting so exciting for this adventure of a life time! I am excited to see where the wind blows you two.

  3. Lindsay Gough

  4. Wow! Did you take that picture Mark? What a great camera…and/or photographer!


    How do you know Mark took that pic? I’m talented too you know :p

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