Home for a wedding!

Brothers and sister together again!

Wow, how life changes when you get back home! There were days on the road where I thought it was hard to keep a website up-to-date, but it seems to be exponentially harder now that we’re back in Canada. It’s funny how life conspires against your aims sometimes, even when you’re enjoying it.

It’s about time that I wrote about the big event that brought us home in the first place. About a week and a half ago, my little sister Melanie got married. I know she’s not so little anymore, but of course she’ll always seem that way to her big brother. Before we left on our wanderings, I remember Melanie calling me up and asking “sooooo, when will you be back? I kind of got engaged!” I wasn’t going to miss her wedding for the world, even if that was literally the case! And what a great event to come home to, with all of my family together in one place for one happy reason.

The beautiful bride, with her purple shoes

Mel in the Rockies

She and her now-husband Ryan got married in Canmore, in the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, which is pretty much top-of-the-heap as far as locations go. The venue was Stewart Creek Golf Course, and it was packed to the seams with family and friends. The weather was great, the groom looked dapper, and of course the bride was stunningly beautiful as she glowed her way through the day. I was asked to act as MC for the evening, and it was so much fun to stand up there and see the smiles on everyone’s faces, even though they all paled compared to the smiles of the newlyweds.

I was so caught up in the day’s events that I put my camera aside for most of it. Luckily, Mel and Ryan had a fantastic photographer, and she’s posted a short slideshow of some of the day’s highlights here.


Now that the wedding is over, we’re starting to turn our thoughts to the next few months of our lives. What a change from the last 15 months! Still, we’re excited about everything the future holds for us, both known and unknown!


    Congratulations to Melanie and Ryan! You Rosen’s sure clean up nice. It’s nice to see a new post too! I think I’ve been suffering from wewander withdrawal. ;)

  1. Dallas Husar

  2. Congrats Mel and Ryan! Your photos are so beautiful; so great to see everyone smiling and soaking in the love! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and laughter.

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