Merry Christmas everyone!

We had some extra time on our hands during our cruise over to Singapore, so we put together this little project.

Merry Christmas everyone! We miss you all.


  1. Gough Family

  2. You made our Christmas MERRY. You are such YOUTHFUL travelers. Mark you could be a PART-TIME Lounge Singer. We loved the video, had lots of laughs, and are in awe of the great quality. Cheers and Merry Christmas Meg and Mark… Love Mama Kate, Papa Bruce and Lindsay
    PS It’s 11:00 pm Christmas Eve and guess it is already Christmas Day in Singapore as we write this. Missing you loads at this time.

    That was by far the best present I ever got for xmas.
    Even if it wasn’t really a gift. And wasn’t really addressed to me.

    Love you guys.
    That was phenomenal.
    Miss you

    Better than Dick-in-a Box – you Federline, you. Merry Christmas fine travellers <3

  3. Debbie Rosen

  4. Well, why am I not surprised!!!?? What a riot!! You two definitely take the cake. I laughed my head off and can’t wait to show this to ALL of my friends!
    Just home from playing two church services – almost 1 am. Over to see Isaac at 7 am!
    Missing you two crazy kids – love you tons. Merry Christmas! And Merry Christmas to all the Gough tribe!!

    Meggs and Bacon!
    That was spectacular. I’m going to twitter about it so it can go viral and become the Christmas Number 1 :-)
    I just finished watching it with the Jenkin family and we’ve all been in fits of laughter.
    Merry Christmas to both of you and miss you lots

    Meggs and Bacon: I always knew you were smart, but cleaver too? That was wonderful. Miss you, come home soon. Love Nan xxxxxxxoooo

    That was fantastic!!! Allain and I really enjoyed it. Merry Christmas! xox

    Hahaha! You two are freakin’ ridiculous. I mean that in the most affectionate way possible of course. Merry Christmas! Hope you have a standout day in this epic holiday of yours!! We miss you guys over here XOX

  5. Bob & Audrey

  6. I don’t know why everyone was laughing. We thought it was a most beautiful tribute. I’m sure it will be like Paul Anka’s “Diana”, and in 20 years everyone will wonder about the youthful girl.
    What a place to be on Christmas Day.
    We’re thinking of you.
    All the best in 2010. Audrey & Bob

    You guys are amazing! Hahaha. That was fantastic! How Meghan kept a straight face while painting that panda in the background is beyond me! I’m waiting for the special edition/outtakes version on DVD.

    Mike wants me to add to Mark: if things between Meghan and you falter, there seems to be a good crop of women to choose from on the cruise! ;)

    In all seriousness, Merry Christmas!!! We’re thinking of you guys today and can’t wait to see you in February – eek!!!

  7. Adam Palmer

  8. *clap*clap*clap*

    Thank you, thank you all. We had a blast making it. The whole thing was shot on a little point-n-shoot camera, and the sound recorded on an iPhone, just in case you were wondering.

  9. Dallas Husar

  10. Love it! I was already having a fantastic Christmas but that put it over the top! I’m just sad I couldn’t get the video to work at my mom’s. Bettina and the whole crew were there; they would have loved it. I hope you two are having a wonderful holiday! By the way Mark, I don’t know how we could be friends for this long and I only know now that you can sing?… Where were you during Wind Beneath My Wings?

    Your vid was amazing, you brilliant, youthful wanderers. We watched it at your Mom and Dad’s place tonight and we were blown away. What a wonderful Christmas surprise. Much love to you both xox

  11. Vanna White

  12. John Candy and I just watched just watched your video — Murray will be calling, he is looking for more talent to promote. Even though he hasn’t been able to find any work for Germain and Brett, he has a year of cruise ship work lined up for the two of you! Band meeting…

    Oh you crazy kids, thanks for such a wonderful Christmas gift. We miss seeing you both. Enjoy your wanders Merry Christmas

    Love Vanna and John

    And did you use imovie to put it all together? Nice cheesy one guys


  13. Shirley & Carlo

  14. We LOVED it! You talented pair! You brought a bit of Christmas sparkle to Mezzomonte…..and lots of laughter! Keep up the good spirits – you’re making lots of people happy. Lots of love.

    HOLY CRAP…… that was waaaaaaaaaay too good…

    I love you both!!!



  16. hilarious, nicely done, love the shot of the banana hammock!

    BEST BLOG POST EVER!!!!!!!that’s some serious talent—pandas and song—best present ever. Miss you kids…merry christmukkah!!!!! Hope we get a new year video, too *sigh*

  17. Michael from Singapore

  18. Hey Mark… I am truly impressed with your singing and drawing skills.

    You should have showed us the video at the hostel. I am sure the boys would have cracked up…


    Michael from Inncrowd Hostel

  19. Laura and Tim

  20. Hilarious!!! omg I love it lol! Happy New Year!! Tim and I just got back from Ottawa…back to the grind of school and jobs ughhh. Hope you’re enjoying every moment of freedom : ) xoxo safe travels
    Laura and Tim

    Hahaha! You guys crack me up! Great video, and I can tell you’re both Flight of the Conchords fans too!
    Keep up the blogging :)

  21. Tay Zonday

  22. After recording the viral hit ‚ÄúChocolate Rain‚Äù and all the success it garnered me, I know talent when I see it! I would love to get together for a collaboration but I’m afraid your talent supersedes mine.

    LOL. In all seriousness, Meghan & Mark, all the crazy stuff you two come up with as a duo just makes life so much brighter. Hope you had a great Christmas and thanks for sharing the laughs.

    I would love to see some out-takes/bloopers. It’s hard to believe neither of you burst into laughter while making this hilarity:)

  23. Julie Kehler

  24. Hey…where’s the Christmas 2010 engagement video??

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