Vas-y Canada!

Go Canada

One of my favourite aspects of travel is that it helps me to appreciate where I’m from. Mobile phone rates aside, I am so proud of my home and native land.

Mark and I were feeling especially proud after having watched the Olympic opening ceremonies. Our dear friend Rachel generously gave us a night at her fly guesthouse in Vientiane and our room had a t.v. for us to watch it on. We both got goosebumps and all teary-eyed for home while watching.

We’ll be following the action as much as possible and wishing we were at home to be a part of it.


    Glad to see the flag is coming in handy!

    You bet! Thanks for bringing it for us. Too bad it didn’t help the men’s team beat the USA this morning…but we are proud to carry it anyways!

    Yeh! Canada. Go Canada. Go!

    Hey guys,

    I am sitting in KL watching figure skating at the moment on ESPN on a big screen TV. A far cry from Sungei Geringging! Despite not being the most patriotic of Canadians, it’s great to watch some Olympic action in Asia.

    Looks like your travels are going well. I’m off to Haiti in a couple of weeks so just chilling out before the chaos of there hits me hard.

    Take care,

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