We have the greatest friends!


Last night our friends threw us a surprise going away party! Meg and I are so lucky to have such fantastic friends here in Ottawa. Saying goodbye to friends has been one of the hardest things to do as we get ready to leave next weekend. It was awesome to see so many people out last night, and we loved getting the chance to visit with everyone. We especially loved the living room dancing that continued well into the early morning hours! It’s times like these that will stick in our memories as we travel, and get us through our home-sick moments. Thanks to everyone for all of your encouragement and well-wishes, and special thanks to Mike and Sarah for planning and organizing the whole event. We will miss all of you very much when we leave.

A few shots from the party have found there way to our photos page. Check out all of the great dance moves!


    I loved that broom so much!


    I think we successfully brought Electric Circus to Wellington. Great use of the window space.

    Fair game!

    That must have been so hard to say goodbye! Looks like it was a blast though

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