We look good. Real good.

box it out

Just in case we ever form a sweet rock/pop/folk band, we thought it was prudent to have some album photos on hand. Might as well shoot them when the setting is right. You can only imagine how good the actual album would/will be with artwork like this. Hey everyone! Come and see how good we look!

so casual it hurts

we each bring something unique to the band

the faces of cool

thats right, we're tough too

speaks for itself. awesome.

just another photo shoot, in the bag


    AMAZING! This is enough for front, back and inside cover art for our debut album.

    (I wish I could hold a straight face like Mike can, dang it!)

    Wasn’t Angkor amazing? I wish I could see it all over again. Great post guys!

    Soft pop/rock band I don’t think so. I do have lot of knowledge about the music biz But they are fascinating pictures. Dad

  1. Mother Goose

  2. Great to see the blog back up and running. Great cover art for an album. We do hope the new album will include your hit “She’s so Youthful”, and “Another Brick on the Wall”. Love you all… Miss you like crazy… M.G and Bruce the Moose
    PS Our Florida paradise in superb, your Island paradise beats our’s to Hell, looks awesome.

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