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the packing process

Our gear page is finally up! We spent a lot of time debating and evaluating what to bring with us. The list we put up is the final tally of everything that ended up in our bags — but I’m sure it will evolve as we go. There will be some things we missed, and we’ve probably brought a few things that we will end up shipping back home at some point. Down the road we will be posting reviews and evaluations of some of the gear we brought with us. Hopefully future wanderers will find this list helpful and interesting!

As a side note, we’ve actually got a third piece of luggage with us for the first leg. The Queen Mary II has a formal dress code for nearly all of its restaurants, and we will be attending Meg’s sister’s wedding in England when we arrive, so we’ve packed a suitcase with strictly formal attire. It’s a bit of a burden to drag around for now, but Meghan’s parents have offered to bring it home from London for us after the wedding. We decided against including its contents on the gear page, but I’m sure you will be able to deduce what was in it from the photos we’ll be posting.


  1. Debbie Rosen

  2. Looking forward to seeing what you ended up choosing for the formal attire!
    My back aches just reading your gear list! LOL

    This’ll be interesting! Mel and I left for just over a month and I wonder how closely our lists match! One thing I noticed right away though was the 3-season tent! Why? Surely you’ll find accomodations wherever you go, albeit rustic? Curious about lens choices too. I think I only brought one lens, a 16-85. I could have used wider and faster bit it worked for the majority of my photos.

    I’m really looking forward to keeping up with you guys on your journey of a lifetime.


  3. Bob & Audrey

  4. Still signing on and stalking you two! Have a great ocean voyage.

    The three season tent is one of the items on our “to-be-evaluated” list. We have lovely dreams of camping throughout the UK in August, and eventually ending up on a beach in asia somewhere and being self-sufficient. Right now our bags seem reasonably manageable, but by the time we get through with our UK leg we’ll have a better idea, and the tent may end up back in Ottawa…

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