Gear review: Steripen

in action killing bacteria and viruses

The Steripen is a handy little device for sterilizing water. It uses AA batteries to power a UV light bulb which kills 99% of bacteria and viruses. It’s really simple to use and only takes a minute or so to do a litre of water.

We’ve been using our Steripen wherever possible to reduce our consumption of plastic water bottles. Between the two of us, we could easily drink 3L of water a day, or 3 big water bottles. Over a year, that’s an insane amount of water and waste, especially in these parts of the world where waste management and recycling is severely lacking.

It works great providing the water is clear to begin with. Clarity does not always mean clean and tasty, however. To get around foul-tasting water we often mix in some drink crystals. Temperature is also dependent on what comes from the tap. When we’re traveling in scorching heat, sometimes a nice cool beverage is on order so we do still purchase water from time to time.

The upfront cost of the Steripen was about $100. We’re hoping it will have paid for itself by the end. It’s definitely reassuring to have on hand just in case. It’s also something we’ll definitely keep on hand when we go back-country camping. We’ll probably never bother with a filtre pump again.


    Hey guys, I bought this a month or so ago and I luv it. I mainly use it at work to rid the tap water of chemicals, but it is meant for backcountry. Just a suggestion for next trip!

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