A long way down

Mark and I are at the KL airport waiting until it’s time for us to board our plane to Johannesburg. It’s hard to believe that tomorrow we will be in Africa. So fast! Our ocean legs on boats have given us time to acclimatize and mentally prepare. We’re feeling anxious. Although we’ll be crossing the Indian Ocean very quickly, this is going to be our longest stretch of continuous travel yet, or at least it’s going to feel like it. Our flight is an 11-hour red-eye. Once we land in Johannesburg, we’ll make our way to the train station to hop on the Shosholoza Meyl sleeper train to Cape Town. The train is supposed to take 26 hours. In total, it will probably be about 50 hours in-transit. Hope we make it!

This is going to be our BIG adventure. Four months on a truck from Cape Town to Cairo. Can’t believe the time is now. We’ve been so caught up in our day-to-day travels that we haven’t been looking ahead. We don’t know much about the places we’re going or the things we’re going to see. It’s all on the website, we just haven’t found time to read through it. We’re looking forward to the great unknown. We’re also looking forward to taking a break from the independent travel thing. It gets exhausting planning and researching and figuring things out all the time!

It feels somewhat like we’re on our way back home. The distance separating us is going to be getting smaller now. Yet if feels like this is where our travels really begin…

Talk to you again soon. From Africa.

the route


    I’m so stoked you’re going to be in AFRICA. Awesome travel route your taking. Get ready now! Have fun and bring me a souvenir.K

    I hope Africa is everything you dreamed of. Be safe you wild and crazy guys, and keep your eyes peeled for those vicious sea monkeys. I hear they are quite predatory.

    P.S. Sens won their first playoff game against the Pens (they shut down Sid the Kid).

    Cape Town to Cairo. Hope the truck will be comfortable. Safe travels. I’ve done an eleven hour red-eye. But there were only five people on the whole plane. Pillow, blankets, water and sleep.

    Safe travels you two (both on the flight, the train, and especially the truck!) I’m sure it’s going to be unreal!

    Hey Meg & Mark,
    I just happen to be touring some theatre work through Italy with 2 lovely South African Gals. I saw u’ll be visiting & when I let them know they gave me a complete itinerary for your South African journey! Take from it what you will & have a fantabulous time!!!

    They recommend getting out of Johannesburg as quick as possible & heading to Mozambique through Kruger National Park. Bazaruto & Inhambane are two highly recommended destinations to hit in Mozambique. Once you have had your fill of this location It’s time to travel along the coast to Cape Town & make sure to stop (in this order) in Transkei at Coffee Bay, Cape St. Francis, Knysna, Agulhas National Park (most southern point of Africa), & Hermanus. Once in Cape Town visit Table Mountain & the fish Hoek. Up above Cape town The West Coast National Park & Paternoster are stunning & have excellent areas for camping along the beach. I Hope this provides some destinations that you will discover & Enjoy!

    All the Best

    Shine On

    NigE, Burnese & Lindi

    Welcome to Afrika Bacoontit and Megufi!
    Hope your flight and train trip went/are going swell. Think, if you didn’t catch that 11 hour red-eye flight, how long your journey would have taken you. You would have had to cut out alot of amazing places in SE Asia. Plane’s can be good. Also, you may be happy to know, that yesterday when you were in the air, thousands of other airplanes flying into and out of most of Europe were grounded ’cause of a volcanic eruption in Iceland.

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