I flew. I do not look forward to doing it again any time soon.

My sister’s hen party took place in Berlin, as planned by her friend Charlotte. It was a surprise. In order for things to work out without her getting suspicious it was ‘easiest’ to fly. The exception was made because, well, it’s my sisters wedding and I’m her maid of honour. It’s a nasty blip on the breadcrumb, there and back. Now I would like to rant about my experience flying Easyjet:

Easyjet is a no frills airline, supposedly a cut above the infamous Ryanair. I paid an arm and a leg for my tickets since I didn’t book them far in advance (in the meantime I was looking into any and all options not involving flying). It was bar none the worst travel experience I’ve ever had.

The way out was more or less fine (minus the ridiculously early start we had after sleeping for only 10 minutes the night before and having to wait in a crazy long queue at the airport). For my flight back to London, I woke up at 4:30 am and made my long journey to the airport and got there for 6 to check in for my 7:25 takeoff. Checked in and was informed the flight was delayed 6 hours. They gave us airport food vouchers for 13 Euros, enough to buy a sandwich and a drink. Got tired of sitting at the airport after 30 minutes and decided to venture back into the city. Did. Hung out with Lindsay some more. Before leaving again for the airport, tried to check flight status online. Nothing. Got back to the airport at around 12:30 for our 1:30 predicted takeoff only to discover that it was now leaving at 3:15. Couldn’t even see that my flight existed on their shitty website. So I had a couple hours to wait around even more at the airport, exhausted wishing I could just get where I needed to go and sleep. Anyhow, finally they announced our gate. Made my way there. Stuffed us into a room with 3x as many people as benches. 3:15 came and went. Without so much as an announcement for the delay in boarding we waited until 3:45 to actually board. Airplane was freezing cold. Toes almost fell off. Landed back at Gatwick and waited for a people mover to move us to the actual airport since the plane dropped us off in the middle of a runway somewhere. Waited nearly an hour for our luggage carousel to show up on the screens. I only had a tiny knapsack and a purse/camera bag but they only allow one piece of carry-on and I couldn’t manage to stuff one inside of the other and so was forced to check my 20L bag (at ¬£8 per bag, of course). The captain from the plane finally explained the delay. Apparently the plane had some technical difficulties they weren’t able to repair and so they had to fly a plane and crew in from elsewhere to take us to London. Turns out the other girls all had their flights delayed as well. Not 9 hours, but 2-3 for reasons unknown. Kinda scary.

Anyhow, I think I’m just extra bitter about this whole experience because it was 1) the one exception I hope I have to make, and 2) because I paid a lot of money for the tickets. I’m over it now and am especially looking forward to our first class Eurorail passes.


    Hey Meg, I’m so glad to hear that you made it through your ordeal in one piece. Yikes! Sure glad you were safe.

    How was the party in Berlin, or did your flight trauma overshadow the festivities?

    By the way, I love your site and it’s wonderful to read about your adventures and see the photos.

    Love to you both and see you at the nuptials.
    B xox

    Easyjet is shit, but not as shitty as RyanAir. In the future they want to charge you when you pee, and have a standing only flight. And I think they’ll want you to throw in your own baggage to save on ground crew. Talk about cheap.
    Last time i flew, I didn’t have my boarding card printed out and they charged my ¬£40 to print this out. I was furious. It says nothing on the website, and the sites are so difficult to navigate through. Obviously done on purpose.. Make sure you have everything printed out, as they greedy bastards will want every one of your pennies..

    :) Flying has turned to shit, thanks to no-frills..

    Oh Meghan it must have been so frustrating! Especially after crossing the Atlantic by boat and then you go and take a plane. Oh well. This is still an amazing thing you’re doing.

    Berlin sounds fantastic! I was just looking at your photos. I really want to go there.

    And hey if you’re still traveling in Europe until April that would be great! Allain and I are still planning to leave in January. Can’t wait!!

    Glad to hear ya made it! Andree and I just landed in France last night and had looked into easy jet for a few trips. We decided to go with a Eurorail pass would be feasible for where we wanted to go. I heard that some girl flew Ryanair and they had one of their wings duct taped!

    Good call. Have an amazing time in France!

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