Reflections on Scotland

Never call a Scotsman “English”. They are British, hailing from the island of Great Britain, but they are definitely not English, a term reserved for those from England only. It’s like calling a Canadian “American”.

The Union Jack is a perfect combination of the English and Scottish flags. Maybe this is a well known fact but I thought Mark was so clever to notice this on his own.

As beautiful a country it is, it is sadly unnatural.  99% of the natural forests have been destroyed and much of what is left continues to be logged with no apparant replanting. I kept imagining what the highlands would look like with trees on them. The deforestation and grazing has led to an unhealthy ecosystem, lovely as it may be.

When the sun is not out, the air chills you to the bones. A nice single malt cures this.

In Scotland, it is law for someone to be able to walk where er they please. This is why we were able to jump out onto Old St. Andrews and snap cheesy tiuris pictures in the middle of someone else’s round. You are also allowed to “wild” camp, which means set your tent up and sleep for the night wherever you desire so long as it doesn’t disturb a person’s business or sport.

“Mind the midges” is how people warned us of teeny tiny biting insects that come out at dawn and dusk when the wind is low. No big deal. Give me midges. Midges have nothing on bedbugs.

The Scots have suffered throughout history and have a bloody past. Why can’t all clans just get along?

This all makes me realize how new Canada is. Our history is a drop in the bucket and i hardly know any world history. I hope to learn some as i travel but i often find myself feeling quite ignorant. Duh. I am nonetheless proud of home and appreciate even more how lucky we are to be so “new” and live in such a wilderness.


    How are your bed bug bites feeling?

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