100 days of travel

Another milestone: today is our 100th day on the road. Some interesting numbers so far:

– 18,530 kilometers traveled, over land and sea
– 362 hours spent in transit
– Countries visited: 10
– Distance breakdown: 47% train, 36% ship, 11% car, 5.5% bus, 0.5% other
– Time breakdown: 45% ship, 31% train, 10% car, 7% foot, 5.5% bus, 1.5% other

Still goin’ strong! Right now we are in the Tuscan countryside, staying with Meghan’s cousin Shirley and her husband Carlo in a beautiful house in the hills. Not a bad way to celebrate.

Check out the breadcrumb for the latest routes.


    15% of you time spent in transit. Is that more or less than your commute used to be? Probably doesn’t seem as long when you’re going to somewhere new each time. :)

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