Getting Immunized

We’ve just returned from our second trip to the doctor’s office, where we’ve received even more immunizations and advice. Meg got off easy today—only one shot, while I had four! After two shots in each shoulder, my arms are guaranteed to be useless tomorrow. It’s been fun going in to talk to the nurse and trying to convey the nature of our trip. For obvious reasons, she is continuously trying to determine where we are going, and how long we will be staying once we get there. For the most part, we answered with a lot of “we’ll probably go there” and “somewhere in the range of one to six months over there”. In the end, we basically got everything: typhoid, yellow fever, malarial pills, MMR and tetanus/diptheria boosters, hepatitis A and B, and meningococcal something-or-other. There may be one or two specific vaccinations required for some specific locations, but we were advised that we would be able to locate reputable distributers when the time arose.

My arms are aching already…


  1. Robert J. Rosen

  2. Immunizations are not fun. I’ve had many over the years with all my travels. Hope your arm doesn’t ache too long.

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