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Hello friends. Mark and I have no idea how to get to Africa this April for our overland journey. Nothing is panning out. We’ve been in touch with several freighter ship companies, cruise companies and have even spoken to several experienced freighter and cruise ship officers to no avail.

We are trying to get from Asia (HK or Singapore) to South Africa sometime before April 14th. The most viable options we’ve found are:

1. MOL Wish, freighter, leaving Singapore April 10, arriving Durban April 27.
Too late + too expensive

2. P&O Cruises, cruiseship, leaving Singapore March 17, arriving Cape Town April 4.
Too expensive + fully booked

So dear readers, any other ideas? Ya ya, we know we could fly, but we are trying our best to avoid that option. Know any talented travel agents or people with private yachts who need a hand on board? Can you help Toto bless the rains down in Africa?


    Hey guys,

    Happy to see your travels are going along nicely. I’m still with HODR but leaving March 1st to fly to London in an attempt to get a visa for Pakistan. If that doesn’t pan out, maybe South Africa, maybe Haiti.

    So here’s some advice… have you tried crewing websites? A girl here is heading to NZ from Singapore that way.


    Plus there are a bunch of others that I forget.

    Hope this helps!

    Hey Kirsty. You made the big decision eh? Good job. Good luck with Pakistan. Hope it works out. Thanks for the site suggestions. We are definitely looking into crewing. No luck yet.

    Thanks Kirsty. We’ve heard of, but we’ll look into the other one for sure.

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