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Whew! With the final days before our departure disappearing at an alarming rate, things are slowly starting to come together. We’ve now acquired our travel medical insurance (at last!), and have booked and finalized our plans for the African overland leg of our journey. Our to-do list each morning is still daunting, but at least progress is being made.

Getting the insurance proved to be an adventure in itself. The first two questions all insurance companies asked were “when are you leaving?” and “when are you coming back?”. Obviously the first one is easy — but the response of “I have no idea” to the second question didn’t sit well with many people on the other end of the line. Eventually we figured it out: we first had to get our Ontario Health Insurance coverage extended for two years from our departure date. This is the maximum they will allow, and you can only do this once in a lifetime! After securing that, we were able to purchase medical coverage for one year, and we will have to renew the policy from abroad if we are still traveling a year from now. We ended up going with TIC Insurance. They were very knowledgeable and helpful whenever I called with new questions, which was very often.

The planning for the African Overland trip will also begin in earnest now. We’ve received a pre-trip document from Oasis Overland Adventure Travels (the company we will be traveling with) that is about 25 pages long! It includes all of the necessary steps for budgeting, acquiring visas, immunizations, etc. Some light reading for our train trip to New York. Check out our route below! We opted to pay for one side expedition — we will be hiking the Virunga mountains to visit the highland mountain gorillas! So excited!

Next step: packing.

Africa Overland


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  2. Best wishes for a safe journey Meghan.

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  4. So coooool!

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