On the road
in a yellow van

Meg, Toon, and the yellow van

After our wonderful week in Dahab, we crossed over the Red Sea by ferry from Nuweiba to Aqaba in Jordan. Africa is behind us, and we are looking forward to new adventures in the Middle East. It turns out that even the traveling part of our next leg will be an adventure — while we were traveling through the Sudan, we met two Belgians, Toon and Ragna, that were driving up from Tanzania and headed in the same direction as us. Our paths crossed several times while we were still on the Oasis truck — we ended up on the same ferry to Egypt, and at the same camp site in Luxor. While we were in Cairo, we got an e-mail from Toon (or Tony, to us English speakers, since we have a tendency to butcher foreign names) saying that Ragna had decided to head back to Tanzania, and that he had two spare seats — would we be interested in joining him in his yellow van? We didn’t hesitate. It was one of those spontaneous travel moments that you hope for, and we jumped at the opportunity. After a few emails, we met in Dahab to compare schedules and see if it would work out for all of us. Although Toon left Dahab before us, we reconnected only a day later in Aqaba, and we were off together, sitting three across the front seat. Our plan is to travel together through Jordan, Syria and Turkey, as far as Istanbul if things go well. We’re excited! The van is great, and Toon has a spare tent and mattresses, so we can camp as we go. We’re looking forward to an excellent road trip together — so it gives me great pleasure to introduce Toon and his yellow van, our new travel partners!


  1. Mother Goose

  2. So glad to meet you Toon. It’s nice knowing you will all be together for the better part of the rest of your journeys. You certainly have two awesome new friends, to travel with, if I say so myself. And you sure do have one awesome looking yellow van too. Happy Travels…

    Fun, think I’ve said this before, you lucky ducks! So neat hearing how your travel opportunities arise, and watching them unfold is like finding treasure. Enjoy this exciting, new venture!

    Hi, Meghan and Mark,

    Nice that you’re travelling together with our son Toon. It’s good he has someone to accompany him. Look out, because from time to time he looses things, forgets his keys in the car, ….

    Have a nice time together,
    Marleen and Eric

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