The time is fast approaching. Yikes! There is an overwhelming amount of things for us to sort out. I had a bit of a breakdown last weekend before our Garage Sale 2.0*. I am keeping the faith that things will come together. They have no choice but to come together because ready or not we’ll be leaving in 16 days.

* We had a garage sale last weekend and said goodbye to more stuff. In the process we cleared out some things that we’d been hanging on to for semi-sentimental or other reasons. That was hard. Even though a lot of it is just ‘stuff’, it still meant something to me at one time or another. It feels good though to be relatively possession-less. The one little thing I’m still unsure about is our kitty, Metric. She’s one of the hardest things for us to leave behind. We’re still not sure who will be looking after her while we’re away. Anyone want to kitty-sit for us? She’s really sweet and smart too. She can do all the tricks most dogs can do – and more!

Anyhow, we still need to try selling our car, get travel insurance, sort out our banking and taxes for next year, get a few gear items, visit people and tie off other loose ends to name a few… Not to mention I’m also trying to wrap a bunch of projects up for my work which is not leaving much time for sleep or these other very important things that I so desperately want to get on with. Thank goodness the motivation at the end is so exciting!

Things we have done:¬†We got our Queen Mary tickets in the mail. They’re fancy! We’ve booked our transportation to NYC from Montreal on an Amtrak train. And we’ve booked our accomodation at a hostel in NYC. We’ve been doing a lot of research into an overland journey from Cairo to Capetown and are trying to sort out how we can get from South Africa to anywhere else in the world without having to overland or fly. It is proving difficult so far. The trip sounds like it would be the highlight of anyone’s lifetime.

This weekend we’re prioritizing fun and relaxation and are going on our annual canoe trip to Algonquin Park with Mike & Sarah. We’re going to one of my fave lakes – Catfish. Can’t wait! Hope the mosquitoes are all dead. Oh how I WON’T miss the Ontario mosquitoes and black flies.


    Aww Metric! :( I would definitely take her if I didn’t already have 2. And that we’ll have to find a baby sitter for ours as well. It will be hard.

  1. Robert J. Rosen

  2. Hang in there Meghan. Enjoy your canoe trip.

    Love Robert

    I’ll be interested in hearing about your Mtl to NYC experience. I took a bus to NYC last year and it was a terrible experience. We crossed the border at 1AM where there were 2 buses ahead of us to be processed. Then half the people on the bus didn’t have their papers together (didn’t help that the border guards didn’t speak french). It took 2hrs to cross. I hope the train experience is better.

    Thanks for the encouragement. I’m a worry wort basket case at the mo’.

    The train to nyc from mtl is 11.5 hours! Much longer than the bus but hopefully much more relaxing and will smell less of b.o. Will for sure let you know. I imagine we need to do all the customs things before leaving the train station which should make for a relatively smooth border crossing.

    Hey guys. If you need any info. about South Africa, Sharon Saylor has been working there for the past couple of years; I think she is in London now, but maybe you want to touch base with her. She might have some transportation ideas. She’s on FB is you need to find her. Praying it all fits together for you guys!

    I think you guys mentioned that while in NYC you were staying somewhere on the west side. Check out this place http://empmamanyc.com/. If the place is packed, just order takeout. Delicious!

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