Weighing Our Options


Some of our early plans are starting to take shape, but there are definitely gaps. We plan to wander around the UK for most of August, from the time we land on the 5th until after Jess and Tim’s wedding in Hemingford Grey near the end of the month. We then have a transition to make over to mainland Europe, before we start using the first of our rail passes in the Netherlands. We’re looking into various options for getting to the mainland, and we’re open to suggestions. Here are some of our thoughts so far:

Option #1: take the Eurostar. Definitely a high-speed option. Fares seem reasonable enough.
Option #2: take a ferry across the channel. We’ve already had one suggestion to try taking a ferry over to Holland (thanks Jacob). Seems like a nice leisurely option.
Option #3: hmmmmmmmm.

In keeping with our level of planning thus far, we haven’t narrowed it down any more than that. If anyone knows of any other low-cost or high-excitement options, we’d love to hear them. We’re also considering trying to get from the UK straight over to Germany. It’s not on our rail passes, but we might try to see a bit of it anyways before heading south. It just seems too wonderful a country to miss! Maybe we can rent a car somewhere in the Netherlands and drive to Germany and back, and then start using our rail passes…

Thanks to everyone for helping us get this website off to a great start. We love all of your comments and suggestions, so keep ‘em coming!


    Bicycle. Really!
    I have read a number of stories about adventurous types that have ridden their bikes around the world, through Siberia, up the Kamchatka Peninsula and even some who choose to ride the ice highway from Dawson to the Arctic Sea. Okay some of these folks were admittedly bonkers but I met the fellow who rode around the world and he seemed pretty together — I served him tea while he sold me his book as he went door to door trying to sell the book.
    Just a thought

    Since you’re considering skipping over to Germany, you should probably know that Oktoberfest runs from September 19 – October 4 this year :D

    Yes I’d love to bike part of our trip! Probably not the whole thing though…I might want children some day.

    Carl and I took a ferry from Caen in Normandy (we went to see the WWII beaches) to Portsmouth. If you were in the south England at the end of Aug. you could do the reverse. Caen is a short train ride to Paris.

    Back to the Bicycle…

    the book I was referring to is “Tales of a Travelling Man” by Bernie Howgate, published by Travelling Man Enterprises.

    Nice tilt-shift picture :)

  1. Jessica

  2. You could always swim the channel! But then what would you do with all your luggage and gadgets ;-)

    My friend and I were once going to Callais after work on a Friday. We thought it would be easy to get there because the ferry’s go from Dover to Callais. Turns out if you’re a foot passenger, the latest time you can get on is like 6:30pm or something ridiculous. What with the journey from London to Dover taking over an hour in the first place this was going to be impossible to acheive…

    We still really wanted to get there on Friday night so our time there would be longer. So we started looking in to ride shares. We found this really nice Brazilian guy who was driving just him and his daughter to the south of France. He was more than happy to take us for the company and also to help pay towards petrol – we each gave him ¬£10 or ¬£15. You need to be wary of you accept drives from of course and we were slightly nervous but once we met him and his daughter we knew it would be OK. Otherwise we wouldn’t have got in the car. Check out this web site (and I’m sure there are plenty others) but this one is always good – http://www.gumtree.com/london/rideshare_544_1.html

    Having said this (and don’t tell Mom and Dad I told you about the latter haha) the Eurostar is pure class and I would highly recommend it. I would also highly recommend forking out the extra ¬£40 or so to go first class. You get fed a 3 course meal and champagne and wine on tap – AMAZING!!!

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