Hello, and welcome to our travel blog! For about a year now, Meghan and I have been planning to take off and see the world. Our plan is threefold: to travel around the world, to travel with no return date in mind, and to do as much of our traveling as possible without flying. Our goal is to see as much of the world as possible, and by traveling over land and sea, to gain an appreciation for the vastness of the distances that separate the places we will visit. In essence, we hope that the journeys between destinations will become as much a part of the adventure as the destinations themselves. We are also hoping that traveling this way will be an escape from the hectic immediacy that air travel embodies. When flying, oceans are crossed over the duration of a feature length film. On the other hand, when traveling by ocean liner, the vastness of the ocean should be much more apparent.

The first leg of our journey is in fact across an ocean. Our trip is set to begin around the end of July 2009. On July 30th, we will be sailing out of New York City on the Queen Mary II, heading for Southampton, England, a crossing that will take seven full days. We hope to spend a few days in New York before we sail. Are we excited? You might say that. I think it’s a bit of an understatement!

We wanted to get this site up well before leaving for a couple of reasons. First of all, it will give us a chance to iron out any glitches that crop up while we still have access to laptops and wireless. More importantly, though, we wanted to start posting our plans and ideas on this blog as they take form. We hope that all of our avid readers (yes, that’s you) will help us out by offering advice, encouragement, or relatives in foreign countries whose couches we can crash on!


    I’m so ‘cited!!!

  1. Jessica

  2. You guys have done a fantastic job with this site!
    I love the design and your most excellent writing skills too. Must admit, I welled up a bit reading your profiles out loud to Tim. Doesn’t take much though, I tell ya – I cry when I see baby pandas! Look forward to following your wandering and reading/seeing plenty more!!!

  3. Mother Goose

  4. I love the website. I sure hope you keep it updated and let me know where you are and what you’re up to. Play always, and be safe. Love Mama Kate

    Good work!! I’m already loving this blog.
    I’m so excited for you and can’t wait to follow your adventures.

  5. Jen McLellan

  6. It has been a long time since we have chatted! I stumbled on your site and I am eager to follow you through your adventures! Great job with the site!

  7. Rachel Slater

  8. I love this site! Well done friends:)! Looking forward to the updates.

  9. Rachel L

  10. Fabulous job with the website you two! I look forward to living vicariously through you as you gallavant about the globe!

    Im so excited for you guys! We will be thinking about you and looking forward to all your blogs!

  11. Treyman

  12. you guys should check out Toronto Canada, i hear great things!

    Ooooh sounds exotic Treyman! Do they speak English there?

    Thanks for the amazing feedback everyone! I know there’s not a whole lot of exciting stuff up yet. But please stay tuned and help us get excited for our trip. The comments and suggestions are exactly what we need.

  13. C-Flint

  14. Rock and/or roll!

    Great blog guys. Looking forward to seeing all the goodies, including posts, photos, quirks and moose encounters! I agree with Daniel, I hear Karpathos is beautiful mid-September.

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    Only for you Swiss Franc!

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