Where should
we go?

Hello loyal readers. Today is our last day on this magnificent boat. We’ll be docking in Singapore tomorrow and staying there over Christmas. We have no idea where to go next. We have a few months to kick around Southeast Asia. I was thinking about Sumatra since we’re so close and there are frequent ferries over. But there are many excellent choices. Please send us some suggestions — places you’ve been or want to be or heard should be great. We’d really appreciate some feedback. We’ll take pictures and it will be almost like YOU were there too. Thanks!


    Hello Dear friends! I think you should go to Indonesia. Check out a yoga retreat centre for a week. :) Miss you!

    I second that. Dev and I have been dying to go to Indonesia. The other place I would love to visit, as I hear they have amazing beaches, is Vietnam.

    You know me…I say the Philippines!
    Be safe! xooxox

    Hey you two, I’m Pierre.

    We don’t know other yet, but I stumbled upon your beautiful blog/webpage and I absolutely love it.
    It’s a very strange and funny coincidence because I too am traveling the world with my girlfriend and we are also from the Ottawa region. In addition, we have small similarities in our blogs, which I find very amusing…

    Here is MY blog: http://www.pierresexcellentadventure.com/

    I was wondering if you could give me tips on how to make my blog even cooler (maybe just a good source of information like a book or a webpage and I’ll just figure it out from there). I understand how you may be short on time. I know what it is to be traveling and running after time.

    What I’m really looking for is how to make my blog a multiple page blog and how to have only a resume of each post on my home page. I will also welcome any more tips you would be gracious enough to share with me.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my comment.
    Rock on!


    Agreed. I think we’ll try to see both. Indonesia sounds fascinating but we could spend 3 months just there! Making decisions is hard. Thanks responders! Keep ‘em coming!

    Take the path less traveled, real treasures await you there. Peace.

    Well done on the music video!
    This may sounds strange, but if you do go to Vietnam try to make it to Da Nang for tw reasons.
    1. It is where Thomas Magnum did his tour ‘in the shit’ (Vietnam War)

    2. …and this is actually real…you can ask around at the train station for a man named Mr.T (Im not kidding…he goes by Mr.T). For a great price he will take you on a cross country motorcycle tour. It was amazing. Definately off the beaten path. Best part of my travels through there. He carries around a big notebook filled with stories from travellers.

    Your adventures are amazing…keep on keepin on!

    Hey guys,
    I just thought of something which may be of interest to you after you’re done in Sumatra…
    My friend Tracy from Vancouver runs this company with her boyfriend Rafi – http://www.borneodream.com
    They are both diving instructors and live in a huge appartment. They also run week long boat excursions on their diving boat and stuff. I’ve been wanting to go visit them for ages!
    I can contact her if you’re interested?
    big hugs and kisses

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