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the Secret to slow travel

buddha secret

Taking the slow road has been immensely rewarding for all the reasons we’ve discussed previously. But it can also be immensely trying; a test of will-power and patience. So far nearly 20% of our total time has been spent in-transit, on long train rides, bus rides and boat rides, with facilities that are a far cry from the Queen Mary II. If we’re lucky to have a toilet on-board, it’s often nothing more than a hole through to the outside world. Aim is especially difficult when you’re bouncing around from side to side, and the evidence is written on the walls (and sometimes ceilings). The big problem is: when you gotta go, you gotta go.

Having spent a good deal of time now in South East Asia, we have visited our fair share of temples and observed many a monk deep in meditation. How do they do it? How do they sit for hours on end, in discomfort, and look so relaxed and at peace? The answer, we’ve discovered, is hidden beneath those saffron-coloured robes.

The answer, it turns out, is also the secret to overland travel: known locally as “Buddha’s Secret”. What relief. Worn discreetly beneath robes or travel pants, “Buddha’s Secret” provides extra cushioning for the behind on those long rides, while also acting as a personal sani-seat to catch, absorb and pull moisture away-from the tush, giving you relief in situ — without ever leaving your seat.

No need to dread a 15-hour bus ride again. Throw a little Nickleback on the ol’ iPod, pack some PB&J sandwiches, slap on a fresh pair of “Buddha’s Secret” and you’re good to go, in every sense of the word.


    Haha, I think you guys should make an TV ad for Budha’s secret and post it on Youtube ;)

  1. Mother Goose and Bruce the Moose

  2. Meggie I sure changed my share of ‘your’ Budha secrets. Can’t wait for the return favour ;)

    lol.. this just made me laugh out loud. I think the nickleback reference was absolutley key to the quality of this post. Miss you Dearly!

  3. Bruce the Moose

  4. Tough choice Mark – the Budha secret or the Bushtaka, Merino wool, $55 undershorts?

    Happy April Fools Day everyone!

    April has not fooled anyone around me. Check your email about skype this weekend


    Haha Yes! We got an Amy comment!

    This is a little late but had to chime in on your blog. Hey, can I get me some of those Buddha’s Secrets? I could really use them when I’m sitting through Ben’s hockey games, and playoffs are here and I could use them for the finals. I don’t suppose I could get them by Friday night for his first game, huh…lol.

    Be good you two and safe travels. xox

  5. Dallas Husar

  6. I second Benj’s comment. Female landscapers around the world would benefit greatly. Never anywhere good to hide….. Plus I think they would compliment my outfits….

    Sounds like we’re on to something here! Better patent this.

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