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City of Gaudi


After leaving Marbella, we headed straight for Barcelona. We spent three nights there, and right away we knew that it wasn’t enough. As Meg touched on in her last post, we’ve booked a major journey from Athens to Signapore which leaves at the end of November. As a result, we are limited in how much time we spend in each place we visit, so Barcelona got three days. We tried to make the most of them.

Priority number one for anyone visiting Barcelona, especially with a background in architecture, has to be Gaudi. Not that this is hard — in fact, it’s nearly impossible to turn your head and not see Gaudi’s influence or name in the city. I’ve never seen a city that has so completely adopted an architect as their pride and joy. Our hostel was just down the street from Casa Batll√≥, and a few blocks away from Casa Mila. Unfortunately, the price of entry to each was rather steep, and since we’re on a tight budget, we had to enjoy them from the street. We were saving our euros for entry into the true Gaudi masterpiece…