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On the long, long road again

We had a great two weeks at HODR, but life as a volunteer wasn’t always a picnic. Showers were of the cold-bucket variety, food varied in look more than in taste, and cleanliness and restfulness were very hard to come by. We worked hard for those two short weeks, without much luxury to come home to at the end of the day. Kudos to all those long-term volunteers who are there for months. It can really take it out of you.

We felt that we deserved a bit of a treat on our first night on the road alone again, so we splurged for a fancier hotel in Bukittinggi. To be honest, fancy is a very relative term here, but in our case it meant hot water and a double mattress. To top it off, we decided to be really touristy and eat at Pizza Hut. After some delicious cheesy garlic bread, a Super Supreme pizza (sans pork of course — Sumatra is very Muslim) and a pitcher of Coca-Cola, we felt happy and sluggish, and were asleep by 8:00pm. At this point, we didn’t know for sure where we were headed next, and we definitely didn’t know that our next journey would be our worst so far…


On the road at last

Archived stuff

Well, it’s finally begun. We are posting tonight from Montreal, the first stop on our journey. Our lives have been packed up into boxes, bins and two backpacks. The packs are with us, and as you can see from the picture above, the boxes and bins are tucked away in storage. We took a bus to Montreal, and as of right now, our Amtrak train to New York is still running tomorrow. We actually purchased bus tickets to New York as well, just in case. If the train goes, we’ll get refunds on the bus tickets, but we thought it prudent to have a backup plan.

It’s hard to believe that we are actually starting this adventure. We’ve been anticipating it for so long — it’s hard to know how we will adjust to it being our new day-to-day. We’ve now started to update our breadcrumb with our trip details. Check it out!