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Bye-bye tenty

Sending it home :(

The decision was made to send our camping gear home. My eyes were a bit moist as we waved goodbye to the massive box at the post office in Bilbao. It will surely be missed. Mostly I think we will be grateful for not having to carry that extra weight around anymore. So far it has made life much easier in that I’m not straining any muscles trying to get my pack to close.

Fare thee well little tent and sleeping bags. Safe journey back to Canada, slowly on boats. We shall meet again one day.

Our camping conundrum

Camping in Basque country

We’ve been carrying a small tent and our sleeping bags around with is so far on our journey, and actually making quite good use of them. The camping hasn’t always been picturesque (see our post on Paris), but it has definitely been an affordable option for us. The last few days have been spent camping in Biarritz. Our camp ground is called Le Pavillon Royal, and it’s more like a resort than a campground. It’s right on the beach, and has a pool, fantastic hot showers, a small grocery store with fresh croissants and baguettes daily, and a bar/cafe. It’s been like a mini vacation from our bigger journey.


Algonquin Park

Paddling up the Petawawa

We’ve just returned from three nights of canoe camping in Algonquin Park. What a great trip! We had a little bit of everything this trip, including two very long portages, one moose, several loons, a couple of beautiful campsites, sun, wind, waves, and a couple of incredible storms. We always try to take at least one canoe trip per year around this time with Mike and Sarah. This year it was just the four of us, so we decided to tackle a slightly more challenging route.