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Taste of Malaysia

Penang temple

Our 24 day cruise from Athens to Singapore is behind us now, and we are adjusting to life in hostels again. We had a wonderful time on the cruise, as I’m sure many of you gathered from our video. We relaxed, recovered, suntanned, swam, read, slept in, ate well, and met some really great people. We’d like to say a special hello to some of the crew and cruisers that made our time on board so enjoyable: Allison & Valentin, Ngawhira, Louise, Mia & Gustaf, Costa, Jonas, Michelle, Jerry & Marla, Jean & George, Lucy & Michel, Ed & Eleanor — we hope our paths cross again soon, and that your future travels are enriching and exciting.


Merry Christmas everyone!

We had some extra time on our hands during our cruise over to Singapore, so we put together this little project.

Merry Christmas everyone! We miss you all.

After Europe

Over the last couple of weeks Mark and I have been doing a lot of research into the next big legs of our journey. It has not been a walk in the park. There aren’t many people doing what we’re doing and aren’t a lot of helpful of resources (except for the man in seat 61 whose site has been invaluable). There are oceans to cross, visas to obtain and countries to avoid. There are costs, non-existent timetables and websites in unfamiliar languages. The world is not open to us as it would be if we were to fly and we are struggling with coming to terms with the fact that we may have to miss out on some places we desperately want to visit, like Nepal. We are at the mercy of what mode of transport is A) available to us in a general direction of favour, B) leaves when we want to leave (+/- a couple weeks), and C) costs the least. With these factors in mind we have booked our next big leg: Europe to Asia aboard…(drumroll)…