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Dubai doings

falcons al burqa

It’s very tricky writing about this place. I got carried away with my thoughts and so this post is instead about what we actually did in Dubai.

Mark mentioned previously that on day one we visited the Dubai mall. This has recently become the world’s largest shopping mall complete with a giant indoor aquarium, international sized ice rink and a giant man-made lake with dancing water fountains. The mall itself is like a giant North American covered shopping mall with 3 ginormous floors of high-end shops and food courts. A massive plaza overlooks the lake and the neck achingly tall Burj Dubai tower. It is unreal how high this thing is. It stands alone and defines Dubai’s skyline by dwarfing all others (even though they are also extremely tall by any other city’s standards).

Day two was jammed packed. After feeling a bit deflated for only having visited a shopping mall on the first day we wanted to see as much of the city as we could. We got up early and shared an overpriced taxi into the city with a nice canadian couple who had actually lived in Dubai for 5 years. They gave us some great ideas on where to go and how to get there, which is more of a challenge than you’d think because the city is so spread out and so many things are under construction.


Desert Disneyland


We form ideas on what a place is like before arriving or while sitting at home in our living rooms. Most of the time, the experience is altogether different. But Dubai was just as strange and excessive as I’d expected it to be. In some ways, it’s a place that needs to be seen to be believed because some of the things you hear about the city sounds so crazy. But then you see it and it’s kind of like ‘ok, yep, that’s a ski hill in a mall’ and you’re left with a somewhat empty feeling because all of it is just so unreal. Still, some things managed to surprise us and we had a great time in the city.