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Shop on Main Street Wadi Halfa

We arrived in Wadi Halfa after what felt like our longest marathon journey to date: seven whirlwind days around Ethiopia, followed by a two-day long border crossing and four continuous bushcamps across a stinking hot desert. Our arrival was welcomed, yet still somehow anticlimactic. We were onto the homestretch, getting to Egypt, but the some of the worst was yet to come. Don’t get me wrong here, I am loving traveling through these parts of the world, but it is full-on. There is very little relief from the skin-melting, life-sucking, dry heat of the Nubian desert. After a while, even the hardest-worn traveler craves staying put in one place, a little shade, a cold beverage, a bucket shower, bare shoulders and knees, and sweet, sweet air conditioning…to name a few.


Minangkapau roof

We left Singapore three days ago to begin our journey to Bukkittinggi, which is a city on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. According to the guidebooks we’d read, the trip should have been an early morning ferry from Singapore to Palau Batam (45 minutes), then a ferry to Pekanbaru (6 hours), and finally a bus to Bukkittinggi (6 hours). We knew it was going to be a long day, but we set out at 6am determined to give it a try.


Bye-bye Britain


There’s oodles to see and do in the UK, but there are places to go and people to see and so it was time to move on, with or without sampling haggis. It also drains the budget very quickly and was getting a bit chilly outside, which also make for very good reasons to limit our time.

After our Ben Nevis climb, we carried on with our roadtrip past Glen Coe and Loch Lomond; both very lovely areas to explore the great outdoors. However we just drove on through and headed for Gourock which is a ‘wee town’ just to the west of Glasgow.



Some of our early plans are starting to take shape, but there are definitely gaps. We plan to wander around the UK for most of August, from the time we land on the 5th until after Jess and Tim’s wedding in Hemingford Grey near the end of the month. We then have a transition to make over to mainland Europe, before we start using the first of our rail passes in the Netherlands. We’re looking into various options for getting to the mainland, and we’re open to suggestions. Here are some of our thoughts so far:

Option #1: take the Eurostar. Definitely a high-speed option. Fares seem reasonable enough.
Option #2: take a ferry across the channel. We’ve already had one suggestion to try taking a ferry over to Holland (thanks Jacob). Seems like a nice leisurely option.
Option #3: hmmmmmmmm.