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Pizza in Naples, Khmer curries in Cambodia, falafels in Egypt — tasting the local flavours is essential when traveling, in my mind. Although you can find pizza in Cambodia these days, it just seems so wrong. Sure, many a-time I have craved bread, coffee, beer, and occasionally even chocolate. It feels like I can’t go on without them. Yet I can go on without them; I do get on without them. And it’s really not so hard.

Life on the truck is different in that we are cooking for ourselves. Three meals a day. The passengers are divided up into ‘cook groups’ of three. These groups rotate through a 7-day cycle so that you only have to cook once every seven days. The groups operate autonomously. Andi gives us some money and then we are on our own to plan, shop and execute our three meals. This can be easier said than done.


Buddhas in a row

We are making a couple stops on our way north. Our first stop was Sukhothai, a 700 year old ancient kingdom. Admittedly, I was partly drawn to Sukhothai because it shares the same name as my 2nd favourite Thai restaurant in Ottawa.

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Back home I take my Thai food seriously, and Ottawa has a disproportionally high number of excellent Thai restaurants. Of all world cuisines, Thai reigns supreme in my books. In order to make just and accurate rankings, I will order the same few dishes at each restaurant. These include the staple Pad Thai (Mark’s fave), chicken or beef panang plus a wildcard dish such as beef with lemongrass, yellow curry, green curry, papaya salad or some kind of meat with cashew nuts. Incidentally, in my mind there is no such thing as bad Pad Thai, it’s all satisfyingly good especially compared to Indonesian msg-laden mie goreng (fried noodles) bleh. My number one in Ottawa, fyi, is Siam Bistro based on quality, quantity, price point and ambiance (Sukhothai is #2, Nokum Thai is #3…). The food in Sukhothai did not quite live up to it’s Ottawa namesake, but the ancient city did not disappoint. I’ve gotten carried away with food again, back to the city…
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$1 day

Recently Mark and I experienced a $1 expenditure day. I like these days. Volunteering has it’s benefits.

With $1 we purchased delightfully refreshing and delicious banana shakes. Sometimes we have $2 days because we purchase one at lunch and at dinner. Next door to our base is a tiny shack where ‘we’ve’ convinced the owners it would be to their advantage to purchase a blender. They listened to this wise advice and every day are inundated with volunteers looking for some fruit shakes.

Our favourite flavours include: banana, banana + chocolate, banana + avocado + chocolate, and lime. I have yet to try a mango shake which is rumored to be fantastic. However Willy, the shake maker, never has any mango in stock. I’ll keep you posted on the mango situation.

Gyros vs. Pizza

I can’t decide which I’m enjoying more. Now that we’re in Athens, I can’t get enough of the snacks. Pitas with meat and tzatziki and veggies – yum! But a part of me already misses the pizza in Naples…

Travel fitness

working out

Travel is good for our mental health, but bad for our physical health.

On Eating
Everything is a novelty to us. Another bottle of Rioja? Croissants with butter for breakfast? Brie? Blue cheese? Camembert? French fries with mayonnaise? Bacon sandwich? Olives? Anchovies? Meat with that meat? Duck fat fried duck fat? But of course. When in Rome.


Basking in Basque

swimming is fun

After our brief stay in Paris we decided to head for the south coast to soak up some sun. On a recommendation from Carl and Brigitte we came to Biarritz, which is in the very south west corner of France, on the Atlantic ocean. I am loving it here: beach, sun, surf, French cuisine — c’est la vie.