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View from the "Star Flyer" at Oktoberfest

A week before arriving in Munich, we were on a train to Budapest with four guys traveling together from Ireland. We got to talking about our next destinations, and we found out that, like us, they were making their way towards Munich. They told us that they couldn’t wait to get there, because Oktoberfest was going to be so much fun. We cocked our heads at each other. Oktoberfest? But wasn’t it still September? Yep, they said, Oktoberfest starts in September. In fact, it was starting only two nights before we were set to arrive. Wow! The legendary festival of beer had set itself squarely in our path. What great news! We’d had no idea that our visit to Munich would coincide with Oktoberfest. Happy days!


Babes in Berlin


While the boys were surfing, the girls had a laid-back civilized time in Berlin. Confession #2: We probably weren’t all that civilized.

Friday night we went over to one of Jessie’s (bride-to-be/sister) hen’s houses in London for a party with some other gals who couldn’t join us in Berlin. Usual bachelorette shenanigans proceeded, including a very telling questionnaire. Reverse Cowboy? Huh? We didn’t sleep at all really because we needed to get to the train station super early in order to make it to the airport on time for our flight to Berlin. It’s truly amazing that we all actually made it to Berlin in one piece and made it through customs with residual alcohol in our systems.