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Temple of Olympian Zeus

We got to spend a lot of time in Athens — I think in total we stayed nine nights. We used it as a base to explore Meteora and Santorini, while we waited for our visas for India to be processed. It was nice to spend a longer amount of time in one place. By the time we left, we were strolling through the city sans map, and had become recognizable regulars at the nearest (and most amazing) gyros shop.


Santorini Sunsets


We recently spent four nights in Santorini, a beautiful volcanic island with white washed houses and dramatic rocky scenery. Many travelers (including Mark’s sister) have talked up this little island, so expectations were high. We had a bit of a fiasco getting there after waking up at the crack of dawn (actually I think it was earlier than dawn because it was still pitch black out) to make our way from Athens to the port of Piraeus only to miss our 7:20 ferry. It was a bummer. We had 10 hours to kill until the next ferry left, which wasn’t all that bad since we met some new friends to keep us company. We met them at our hostel in Athens and ended hanging out with them quite a bit in Santorini as well. Especially nice meeting you Patrick from Tasmania and Mark the salmon fisherman from Alaska.


Monasteries in the Air


Meteora is a 5 hour train ride from Athens, each way. We heard about it from a friend we met at Giovanni’s house in Naples (thanks Chris) and had been told in no uncertain terms not to miss it. With one travel day left on our Eurail passes, we got up at the crack of dawn and caught the earliest train we could. And we are soooo happy that we did.